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Egyptian Jewelry and Hand Mirrors
egyptian mirror Egyptian Floral Lotus Mirror
L: 9.25" x W: 5" x 1/2 inch thick

In the style of ancient Egypt, this Egyptian floral hand mirror is hand painted in yellow gold with lotus flowers. It's a colorful representation of an ornate past and a little larger.


egyptian mirror Egyptian Ankh Mirror
L: 8" x W: 3.5" x 1/2 inch thick

In the style of ancient Egypt, this Ankh hand mirror is hand painted in yellow gold with lotus flowers. It's shaped just like the ancient symbol of life, the ankh.


isis ankh necklace Isis Necklace with Rhinestones
W: 0.976 inch X L: 1.4 inch
2.47cm x 3.55cm

The winged Goddess Isis is protected here by the ankh of life and the eye of Horus. The bling comes from real rhinestones that embellish the piece.


isis earrings Isis Earrings with Rhinestones
W: 0.834 inch X L: 0.837 inch
2.11cm x 2.12cm

The lovely winged Goddess who made wind with her feathers is featured in these golden earrings. Real rhinestones add a fun blingy sparkle to these affordable Goddess gifts.


bastet earrings bast cat goddess egyptian jewelry Bastet Earrings
Lead Free Pewter

Bastet Earrings are shiny black and made of painted pewter with golden collar.
Beautifully distinctive on the ears!


bast pendant egyptian jewelry Bastet Pendant
Lead Free Pewter
with 15 inch black cord
2.25 inches high x 1 inch wide

Bastet Pendant is made of painted pewter with fine detail and a black cord to make it a complete necklace. Dangling scarab collar with gold, green and red colors, as well as an ankh embellishment at the neck and a bright third eye!


©Jane Iris Designs

Sekhmet Pendant with citrine
(shown with citrine)

Egyptian Jewelry

(shown with citrine)
©Jane Iris Designs
Egyptian Jewelry
Goddess Sehkmet Pendant

Egyptian Lioness Sehkmet is known as "The Mighty One." This lion Goddess offers cleansing and healing powers through fire.

Sizable pendant measures approx 2 1/2 inches x 1 1/4 inches.
Sterling Silver. Made in USA.

-view stones-
-add a chain for $5.00-

Please Select Gemstone


egyptian jewelry

(shown with Amethyst)
eye of horus necklace Eye of Horus Necklace
Larger pendant a little just over an inch long.

This little pendant shows several important Egyptian symbols of royalty
including Falcon God Horus, the Eye of Horus and the Egyptian Lotus.


sphinx necklace Egyptian Sphinx Necklace
Larger pendant about an inch long.
Comes with 24 inch chain.

This pendant shows the Sphinx and the Pyramid of Giza.


maat necklace maat pendant Maat Necklace
Larger pendant about an inch long.
Comes with 24 inch chain.

The Egyptian Goddess of Law and Justice is featured in this rectangular pendant.

Maat is distinguished by the feather in her crown.


bastet pendant bast pendant Bastet Pendant
Lead Free Pewter
with black cord
1.5 inches high

Pewter Bast is classic in this framed pendant that comes with a black cord making it a complete necklace. Very nice pewter looks like classy antiqued silver. Good bargain for this necklace that looks richer than its price.



bast pendant

isis and eye of horus necklace Isis with Eye of Horus Necklace
This necklace includes a 24" chain

with a 2" extension
Lead free alloy metal, hand painted


hathor goddess jewelry

hathor goddess jewelry

Hathor Goddess Pendant
in Bronze or Silver

Known as a symbol of women at their best: art, love, pleasure, singing and dancing.
This unique Hathor pendant comes in bronze or silver.

Measures approx 1 1/2 x 1 1/4".
Made in USA.
-add a chain for $5.00

Bronze (P47B): $36.00
Silver (P47):        $54.00
Please Select Metal



hathor Pendant with Turquoise
Egyptian Goddess Hathor Pendant
with Custom Stone
Known as a symbol of women at their best: art, love, pleasure, singing and dancing.
This beautiful Divine Feminine Hathor Pendant
 Measures 2 x 1 1/2".
Sterling Silver. Made in USA.

-view stones-
-add a chain for $5.00-

Please Select Gemstone

Earring Winged Scarab

egyptian jewelry
Earring Winged Scarab
Lead free pewter with inlay
1.114" X L: 1.377"


egyptian earrings

egyptian jewelry
Egyptian Scarab Earrings
with Amber Colored Stone and Lead-free metals
1.5 inches high x .5 inches wide

A Scarab Beetle is the central figure in these Egyptian Earrings.
The head of the scarab is an amber colored stone.


egyptian earrings

egyptian earrings
Egyptian Goddess of Law and Justice
Maat Earrings
Lead-free metals
1 inch high x .75 inches wide

The Goddess is depicted in these gold colored earrings holding the Egyptian Lotus on each side of her in perfect balance. She sits atop the Ankh of Life and a small green stone finishes the bottom or the earring.



egyptian necklaceegyptian necklace Double Isis Necklace with Beads
Lead-free metals
24 - 27 inch neck chain attached
1.75 inches wide x 1 inch high

Isis Goddess with two images front to front are depicted holding the Eye of Horus, the sign for second sight and a symbol of her Son. This is a striking necklace with white beads highlighting the gold metal chain.


egyptian necklace

egyptian necklace
Egyptian Pyramid Necklace
Lead-free metals
24 - 27 inch neck chain
1.75 inches high without bail
1.5 inches wide at bottom of pyramid

A scarab encased in a pyramid means lots of ancient symbolism in this larger necklace. With red colored stones, an Egyptian Lotus pair, a golden scarab, and a pair of ankh's are all shown in this triangular pendant.


Isis Open Winged Pendant Goddess Isis Open Winged
1.5 inches with 5 - 7mm stone.
Sterling Silver.
Allow 2 weeks for custom stones to be set

Please Select Gemstone

Pewter Isis Pendant Winged Isis Pendant 
in Pewter
comes on a black cord
(not a chain as depicted)


maat pendant

isis pendant
Isis or Maat Pendant
Lead Free Pewter with black cord
1 inch high x 2 inches wide

Isis Pendant represents the Goddess with wing spread on bended knee. Painted pewter makes fine colorful detail and it's a complete necklace with a black cord. A conversation piece of art you wear around your neck.


egyptian scarab necklace egyptian scarab necklace Egyptian Golden Scarab Necklace
with Rhinestones and Eye of Horus
1.5 inches across and 1.5 inches high to the bail.

Golden colored scarab necklace comes with 22 inch chain that has a 2 inch extension. This is a larger pendant with several rhinestones. The eye of Horus is quite exquisite propped up at the top of the piece. Lobster claw clasp.



egyptian scarab necklace
Egyptian Eye of Horus Necklace Egyptian Eye of Horus Necklace Egyptian Eye of Horus
Green Gold Necklace
comes with 18 inch chain

24 inch chain and 3 inch extension included. Green and gold colored enamel is highlighted with an amber colored rhinestone in the curl of the lower sweep.
This is an eye-catching and larger pendant, perfect for men or unisex for women who like big, meaningful jewelry.


egyptian earrings wedjat ankh egyptian jewelry Wedjat Ankh Earrings
gold colored lead free pewter
with clear sparkling rhinestones

Smaller and more Subtle Earrings
W: 0.302" X L: 0.935"


The Meaning of  Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

The Ancient Egyptians wore ornamental jewelry for many reasons, however the more fundamental reason and purpose was to guard them from mysterious hostile forces. For many of us, we sometimes require the assistance of a necklace with a teardrop crystal, a tigerís eye, a rabbitís foot, a hemp bracelet, or a type of precious stone to make us feel safe. The Ancient Egyptians did the same, only most of the adornments worn were crafted out of stone. Such talismans might consist of turquoise and lapis lazuli and carnelian, all representing a facet of nature such as the green of spring, the blue of the sky, or the orange or beige of the desert.

The use of gold in Ancient Egyptian Jewelry simply represented the flesh of the gods, the fire and glory of the sun, and the very idea that the luster of the gold was never lost, therefore an eternal sense of being.

You'll find some spectacular photos of ancient Egyptian Jewelry here:

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