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European Nature God Deity Green Man
green man candle holder Green Man or Leaf Man Centerpiece
Triple God Candleholder

Red hue wood-look resin or
Stone finish Candle holder

-more info here-

Quality art piece originally carved by Paul Borda of Dryad Designs.
green man statue Green Man
Antique pewter color finish
with black painted snake.

Male Power. Wild Nature.

-more images and info here-
green man altar cloth  

Green Man Altar Cloth

-more images and info here-

Green Man Altar Cloth Greenman Table or Altar Cloth

This altar cloths depicts the greenman in his verdant foliate form. A delightful muted green in color, the Celtic knot work and oak leaves designs on its surface take on greater significance as you place your altar item in harmony with its swirling markings. This altar cloth measures 36 inches square and is 100% Rayon.


green man tapestry Celtic Green Man Tapestry / Bedspread / Wall Decor

Green Man Tapestry - 72" x 108"
100% hand-loomed cotton - Twin Bed Size.

This tapestry can be used for a wall hanging, a table cloth, a bed spread, furniture throw, curtains, altar cloth, hung from the ceiling, home decor, and more.


green man flag Green Man Individual Pennant

The Green man is the consort to Gaia the Earth Goddess. He who watches over all green and growing things is represented here in a bright green individual pennant, perfect for garden or grove.

Shaped with a point on the bottom and
sewn with a rod pocket loop extending across the top.

1.5 feet tall by 16 inches wide
First Quality Rayon Batik Flag
Each flag is hand made.
Please allow for variations in color.


Green Man Ring Green Man Ring Green Man Ring Green Man Ring Green Man Ring
Companion of the Goddess
Wild Nature Diety

Rendered in .925 Sterling Silver
Healthy chunk of precious metals.
Made in USA
10.88 grams or 7 DWT (pennyweight)

Please Select Ring Size


Green Man Ring
Peace Goddess with Green Man Peace Goddess Statue
9 inches tall - rose-wash resin.

This beautifully classic Goddess holds the Green Man or Earth in her arms as she contemplates the healing of the planet.

More Images and Information on Peace Goddess here
Horned God Altar Votive Holder Horned God Altar Votive Holder Horned God Altar Votive Holder Horned God Altar Votive Holder
c Mickie Mueller
Horned God Altar Votive Holder
7 3/4" resin statue, wood color finish
19.68 cm

The Horned God is the spirit of the green forest, the power of the sun and the Lord of the Wilderness. He is the divine masculine in his many forms, the joyous and laughing God of growth and the woods.

Use the candle holder at his feet to summon his energy and honor his presence in your life.

Red toned wood look finish / Resin statue



The Green Man is a legendary pagan deity roaming the woodlands of the British Isles and Europe.

Usually depicted as a horned man peering out of a mask of the foliage of the sacred oak, he is a God of nature and fertility. Also known as "Green Jack, "Jack-in-the-Green" and "Green George," he represents tree spirits, plants and foliage.

Green Man has rain making powers to feed livestock from lush meadows. Frequently depicted in medieval art, including church decor, Green George, as he is usually called in spring Pagan rites, is represented by a young man dressed head to foot in greenery. He leads the festival procession.

Some festival rituals include Green Man, or an effigy of him, dunked in a river or pond to ensure that there will be enough rain to nurture growth in meadows and pastures. Some believe Green Man shares an affinity with the forest-dwelling fairies since green is the fairy color. In some British locales including the British Isles, the fairy people are called "Greenies" and "Greencoaties."

In the myth of "The Fairy Children," two fairy children, a brother and a sister, have green skin and claim to be part of a green-skinned race.