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Moon Goddess Selene
moon goddess banner Moon Goddess Selene Banner
Approx. 30 inches wide by 41 inches tall
76.2 cm x 104 cm tall
1.5 to 2.5 inch sewn rod pocket for hanging,
included in measurements.

Titan goddess of the moon. Here she holds her lunar sphere aloft in the sky as her devotees sleep peacefully, Stars play around the moon and turn to pearls throughout her hair. An illuminating piece of art for the wall!

Will take up to a 1 1/4 inch (32 mm or 3.18 cm) diameter rod.
Most standard flag poles are 1 inch in diameter.
High quality banner that feels like heavy silky lined fabric. Hemmed edges. 100% polyester, eco-friendly inks made in USA.

Water resistant, UV resistant, and strong color fastness. Usually lasts more than 1 year outdoors depending on local environmental conditions.

Digitally printed with dye sublimation and heat transfer. 
USA Artisan.
Regularly:       $38.95
On Sale Now:  $28.95

moon goddess statue Moon Goddess Selene Statue
Moon Goddess Statue
Wood Look
Size: 5"h x 4 3/4"w x 2 1/2"d
12.7cm high x 12.06cm wide x 6.35cm deep

-more images and info here-
  Seated Moon Goddess Pendant

Venerated for centuries as nurturer, mistress of magic, and protectress, the Goddess is intimately connected with the moon. She moves us the way the tides move the waters of the ocean. Inspired by the High Priestess card of the tarot, the Moon Goddess embodies feminine wisdom.

•An original design by artist Paul Borda of Dryad Design
•Made of .925 Solid Sterling Silver
•Measures 1 3/4 (4.45 cm) inches tall by 1 inch (2.54 cm) wide
•Single sided

moon face earrings moon face earrings Mother Moon Face Earrings
Measures: 1 1/8 inch diameter or 2.8cm
Save 40% Now
Sterling Silver
Regularly:      $29.95
On Sale Now: $17.99


Jeweler's White Bronze
Jeweler's White Bronze info
Save 40% Now
Regularly:      $21.99
On Sale Now: $13.19


star goddess cut out Moon Goddess Pendant

Loop for chain is right behind the head of the Goddess
 1- 3/4 inches in diameter with open background. This is a large, light and lovely piece that's a real eye-catcher. Brilliant depending on the background of your clothing or...skin.
Meticulously crafted from fine nickel and lead free hypoallergenic nebula, the Chalice pendant by Oberon Zell is a beautiful and affordable celebration of the Wicca tradition.

Nebula is new and brilliantly fine metal created by fusing hydrogen and oxygen with a tin and zinc base to create a stunning silver-like finish.



celtic jewelry celtic jewelry Celtic Moon Goddess with Triple Amethyst Stones
Amethyst Colored Partially Faceted Glass Stones
.925 quality sterling silver.
Pendant is 3.5 inches long (5.7cm)

Celtic designs form the background of this triple Amethyst Goddess that comes with an 18 inch chain built-in.  With a moon set at the crown of her forehead, this Goddess is reminiscent of Moon Goddesses Selene, Diana and Artemis to name a few.


celtic jewelry
triple moon relief
triple moon relief
Triple Moon Wall Relief
7.5" W x 4" H

Hand carved wooden Triple Moon in natural finish.
 This beautiful carved pine wood Triple Moon in natural finish can be used as altar tile or wall hanging. Natural wood will have variations. Each one is unique.



SELENE is the Titan goddess of the moon. She was depicted as a woman either riding side saddle on a horse or in a chariot drawn by a pair of winged steeds. Her lunar sphere or crescent was represented as either a crown set upon her head or as the fold of a raised, shining cloak. Sometimes she was said to drive a team of oxen and her lunar crescent was likened to the horns of a bull.

Selene's great love was the shepherd prince Endymion. The beautiful boy was granted eternal youth and immortality by Zeus and placed in a state of eternal slumber in a cave near the peak of Lydian Mount Latmos. There his heavenly bride descended to consort with him in the night.

A number of other goddesses were also associated with the moon, however, only Selene was represented by the old Greek poets represented as the moon incarnate. Other Greek moon goddesses included Pasiphae, the Leukippides, Eileithyia, Hekate, Artemis, Bendis, and Hera (who sometimes doubled for Selene in the Endymion myth).