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Hindu Goddess Durga Statues
Vaishno Devi Durga Statue
Durga Miniatures
Hindu Goddess Durga Statue Hindu Goddess Durga StatueHindu Goddess Durga Statue Hindu Goddess Durga Standing Plaque
10.5 inches high (26.67 cm)  x 7.5 inches wide (19.05 cm)
about 2 inches deep (5.08 cm)  and 2 pounds (.9 kilos)

Hand finished standing resin plaque with gold color antiquing.
Wall hanging as well.

Made by our artist cooperative in Calcutta, India
Riding upon a lion and wielding a weapon in each of her ten arms, the Hindu warrior goddess Durga calmly defeats the buffalo demon. He symbolizes the egoistic illusions of maya (everyday reality) which delude us and keep us from knowing our innate divinity.

Durga defeats the demon while her lion defeats the buffalo he rides.

$ 55.00


Durga Devi on Tiger Statue durga devi on tiger front  Durga Devi back view Vaishno Devi Durga Statue
9.5 inch statue rose wash finish
Ganges Clay filled resin mixture.

Made by our artist cooperative in Calcutta, India

-more info and pictures here-


durga statue Hindu Goddess Durga on Lion
100% Metal Brass Statue
in Multi Color Finish
Hand pounded, buffed, and finished
Each one is unique.
Heavy, high quality, excellent artistry in this metal sculpture.

Made by our artist cooperative in Calcutta, India

Height: 13 inches / 33.02 cm
15 lbs.

-more photos and info here-

Regularly:       $249.95
On Sale Now: $149.95


Hindu Goddess Durga on Lion Statue


Hindu Goddess Durga on Lion
Brass Statue

in Green, Red and Honey Color Brass Finish
100% Metal Statue

Made by our artist cooperative in Calcutta, India

Height: 7 inches / 17.78 cm
3 lbs 10 oz.

-More Photos Here-

Regularly:       $72.95
On Sale Now:  $59.95


durga miniature Goddess Durga Miniature
2 inches high  by 1.5 inches wide
White Metal Mini

Finely detailed miniature of high quality. Fully 3-D with as much detail on the back. Nice hand.

Some of these metal statue are silver in color and some are gold in color.

Made by our artist cooperative in Calcutta, India



durga pendant Durga Pendant
Goddess Durga Pendant
.75 inches x 1.25 in
(1.9 cm x 3.17 cm)

This pendants looks like a little photo of the Great Goddess Durga worn around the neck. A small and humble
representation that's easy to transport. Colors vary. Some have tan or blue backgrounds.
Great for rearview mirror hanging decor.



Hindu Goddess Durga
Protectress of Law - Destroyer of Evil   

Durga is one of the most important and powerful goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. Originally worshipped as the embodiment of natural forces which both grant life and also take it away, she was later assigned the role of the shakti of the impersonal absolute, the female counterpart of the great male deity. In this role she was also seen as the wife of Shiva in addition to, or as part of Parvati.

In her friendly manifestation, Durga is the protectress who reveals her destructive strength when the earth is threatened. She feeds people and animals, and is known for her victory over the buffalo demon Mahishashura, which none of the male gods could defeat.

Durga is worshipped as the Protectress of the Law, Destroyer of Evil and Preserver of Dharma (the doctrine of divine law).

She usually has four to eight arms, and sometimes three eyes, and is often seen seated on a lotus throne, or riding a tiger or lion. Her attributes are a trident, sword, snake, bell, drum, skull bowl, bow and arrow, wheel, club, water jug and conch shell.

The Great Goddess Durga is said to be exquisitely beautiful. Her form is blindingly bright (devi), with three lotus-like eyes, ten powerful hands, lush hair with beautiful curls, a red-golden glow from her skin and a quarter moon on her forehead. She wears a shiny oceanic blue attire emitting fierce rays. Her ornaments were carved beautifully of gold, with ocean pearls and precious stones embedded in it. Each god also gave her his own most powerful weapon: Rudra's trident, Vishnu's discus, Indra's thunderbolt, Brahma's kamandal, Kuber's gada, etc.

The Himalayas gifted her with a fierce whitish golden lion.