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Celtic Goddess Danu Statue
also known as Anu,
Goddess of the Little People or Faeries

Flowing Mother of Abundance
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   Celtic Danu Statue Celtic Danu Statue Celtic Danu Statue danu statue

Flowing Celtic Danu Statue
H: 10" x L: 5.5" x W: 6"

Flowing Danu is cold cast faux bronze, hand finished and polished. With subtle blue undertones, this Danu is full of symbolism as the abundant flowing mother.


danu statue Celtic Goddess Danu Bust
Nursing Nature Mother
11 inch bust style statue.

-details and more photos here-

celtic goddess locket Goddess Locket
Sterling Silver Pagan Locket Pendant

Celtic knot curls and a circlet adorning her headband, this Goddess has a subtle smile that makes one think of either serenity or mischief! The face of this beauty adorns both sides of this locket, where treasures can be stored inside the drop.

.925 quality silver makes this a
high quality hand finished secret stash locket.



danu celtic goddess statue Celtic Goddess Danu Statue
Flowing Mother of Abundance
9.25 inches high / 23.49 cm
4.75 inches across bottom / 12.06 cm
4 inches deep / 10.16 cm

-details and more photos here-
Regularly:          $98.00
Our Price:          $39.99


  Danu Goddess DANU Statues - Celtic Goddess
Cold Cast Bronze
Flowing Mother of Abundance
9.25 inches high / 23.49 cm
4.75 inches across bottom / 12.06 cm
4 inches deep / 10.16 cm

-details and more photos here-
Regularly:          $133.00
Our Price:           $ 49.99


Danu Statue Danu Statue
9 3/4 inch resin statue, white antique stone finish

In this graceful sculpture the Paps and Sidhe reveal the dwelling place of the Tuatha on the skirts of Danu. Her garment also reveals the many layers of magick and the flowing nature of water's mysteries.

-more photos here-



Danu Triskele Pendant  Danu Triskele Pendant
1.5 inches high x 7/8 inches wide

Although abstract in form, this unique interpretation of the Goddess Danu is sure to inspire anyone who values the far reaching spirit of the Mother Goddess.

-add a chain for $5.00-

Meticulously crafted from fine sterling silver, the Danu Goddess Silver Pendant will inspire you with her ever-flowing stream of celestial grace.


moon triquetra goddess pendant triskele necklace  Double Goddess Danu and Triskele
Necklace with Amethyst Stones
Sterling Silver Pagan Necklace

Including the 18 inch chain with this two Goddess necklace as the swinging femmes hold a black enamel triskele symbol between them and a faceted amethyst stone in each outstretched hand.
Can be worn at choker length or extended to drop down a little further on the neck.
Either way a high quality and lovely sterling silver conversation piece.

.925 quality silver makes this a
high quality piece of jewelry art.

Regularly:      $64.95
On Sale Now: $59.99

 danu triquetra goddess jewelry pendant Danu Holding Triquetra Pendant

Danu, the powerful Mother Goddess, holds an important Celtic symbol, the Triquetra. Large sterling silver pendant with golden toned triquetra symbol in her hands.
Almost 2 inches high large pendant with lots of precious metal.



danu triquetra goddess jewelry pendant  danu triquetra goddess jewelry pendant
celtic goddess danu ring
(c) Wellstone Jewelers

Celtic Goddess Danu Ring or Band
.925 Sterling Silver

Danu was the Celtic mother goddess, mother of the "Tuatha de Danann," the ancestral gods of the people of ancient Ireland. This sterling silver Celtic knot work was created in the ancient tradition. This is a robust Celtic ring that will stand up to wear and last a lifetime. A true heirloom piece. Made in USA. 
Allow extra delivery time for custom sizing

Please Select Ring Size


celtic falia ring or band
(c) Wellstone Jewelers
Celtic Falia Ring or Band
.925 Sterling Silver
Allow extra delivery time for custom sizing

Presented here in sterling silver, a Celtic knot work ring created in the ancient tradition. This is a robust metal band that will stand up to wear and last a lifetime, A true heirloom piece.  Made in USA.

The Ring of the Four Wizards

The design is named for the mythical city, Falia, the home of the four wizards who taught the magical arts to the Tuatha De Danann, the ancient race of gods and the forebears of the Irish Celts.

Narrow Band Price:   

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Wide Band Price: 

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celtic triskele ring
shown with amethyst

Triskele rings
shown with peridot (left) and lapis lazuli (right)
(c) Wellstone Jewelers

The Triskele Celtic Ring
with semi-precious stone
.925 Sterling Silver
Allow extra delivery time for custom sizing

The triskele is a common motif in ancient Celtic design throughout Northern Europe and is especially associated with the Isle of Man where the ancient College of Druids was centered.

The emphasis is on the numeral three which for the Celts symbolized the principles of creation, preservation and destruction embodied also as the triple goddess -- virgin, mother and crone, and the phases of the moon.

This is a robust sterling silver metal band that will stand up to wear and last a lifetime.
A true heirloom piece.
Made in USA.

Please Select Gemstone and Ring Size


Goddess DANU
Flowing Mother of Abundance

Danu is thought to be the great mother of the race of the Tuatha De Danaan, the ancient tribe of the Celtic people. She is the great goddess of flowing rivers and the life force that they bring to the earth.

She is associated with agriculture, cultivation, and the nurturing of the land. She represents the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, as demonstrated by the plants of the natural world, just as the humble acorn buried in the ground becomes the mighty sacred oak tree.

Danu is the Mother of Magick and the Fae. It is said her people, the Tuatha de Danann (The Children of Danu) were a magical race, some say gods, who came to Ireland in the time of the Fir Bolg (1897 B.C.E.) and worked their magick until they were driven underground by the invading Milesians around 1,700 B.C.E.

Here they remain today in Tir-na-noghe, the "Land of Eternal Youth" as the Aes Sidhe, an invisible race of magickal beings. It is from them that all Gaelic faery folk come. The Paps of Anu (Ana) are two mountain in County Kerry known as the living breasts of Danu.

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