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-Diana/Artemis Information-

Diana Statues - the Huntress - also called Artemis Goddess Diana Statue with Hound
in cold cast bronze - 11 inches high
Would make a wonderful archery gift or archer trophy

-more photos and details here-

Regularly:       $72.00
On Sale Now:  $64.99

   diana of ephesus statue
diana of ephesus statue
diana of ephesus statue
Diana of Ephesus Statue
9 1/4" resin statue, sandstone walnut color finish.

Goddess of the Amazons. Mother of Animals.
Many-Breasted Artemis.

(Some scholars now believe the multiple
round objects to be eggs or fruit)

Her temple was one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. Ancient worship focused on the nature goddesses.
By Roman times she was called Diana; yet at Ephesus in Anatolia, her worship was most often under the names Mother of Animals, Many-Breasted Artemis. Columnar and wearing a unique ritual garment adorned with animals, her crown and staring gaze incorporates Astarte,
while her moon disc and horned beasts evoke Diana.

Her temple, which was built by Amazons (undoubtedly matrilineal priestesses), was one of the wonders of the ancient world and a goal of devout pilgrimage.

In AD 380 her shrine was rededicated to Mary, whose old age and death was placed at Ephesus by Church legend. Note the similarity of posture, palms bestowing blessing, with countless images of Mary, Kwan Yin, Tara and other Goddesses.



    artemis diana statue artemis diana statue artemis diana statue Artemis with Bow
Large Cold Cast Bronze Resin Sculpture

12.25 inches Ht

Artemis is a young warrior in this depiction. With bow flexed, she is ready to place her aim accurately and with precision. This Goddess, whole unto herself, was the consort to many forest animals. Her hair blows in the wind under a scarf like headdress in this artwork.



artemis statue
    diana of ephesus statue diana of ephesus statue Statue of Diana of Ephesus
Modern Interpretation

9 3/4" resin statue, antique ivory color finish

Modern re-imaging of the classic Diana of the Beasts
from Ephesus.

The goddess's halo, circlet and pendant depict her connection to the moon and its cycles. Her gown is adorned with animals of the forests and fields to represent her role as lady of the beasts.

She stands on a base decorated with intertwined knot work, a reminder of the repeating cycles of life.
Halo is adorned on reverse with pentacle and crescent moon.


   goddess artemis pendant
(c) Wellstone Jewelers
Goddess of the Hunt Artemis-
Diana Pendant

Sterling Silver 1.75 inches

-add a chain for $5.00-

Please Select Gemstone

Artemis Statue - with Bow - beautiful archery statue    Artemis Statue with Wolf and Bow
11.5 inches high by 7 inches wide by 5 inches deep

The archer Goddess of Wild Things and Places is shown here with her wolf consort, pointing her arrow toward heaven.

-more photos and details here-

Regularly:         $55.00
Our Sale Price: $49.00

horned goddess statue Horned Nature Goddess Diana Statue
Guardian of the Woods
in Hand painted resin
Apollo and Diana Greek Roman Mythology Statue
10 inches high

The Goddess adorned by Flora and Fauna including grape vines and the horns of the wild things she presides over. This is the Guardian of Wild Things in her natural glory with lovely hand painted accents.



apollo and diana on chariot statue Diana and Apollo Statue
in Cold Cast Bronze
Apollo and Diana Greek Roman Mythology Statue
12.25 inches long / 31.11 cm in length

Brother and Sister are depicted here in a chariot drawn by two horses.
Apollo is one of the most important and complex of the Olympian deities in ancient Greek and Roman religion, Greek and Roman mythology, and Greco-Roman Neopaganism.

-more photos and info here-


Sterling Silver Diana Pendant - with bow and fawn

Goddess Artemis Pendant
with Bow and Fawn
Sterling Silver with Moonstone Inlay
 Goddess Pendant with Moonstone Inlay in her Arrow
 This is quite a large pendant with a lot of silver.
Spectacular detail and a real conversation piece.
2.25 inches high by 1.25 inches wide. Sterling silver.
Makes a beautiful gift for your favorite archer.
Also a wonderful archery award.

On Sale Now: $59.00


Nebula Diana pendant
Goddess Artemis Pendant
with Bow and Fawn
*White Bronze with moonstone inlay

 Goddess Pendant with Moonstone Inlay in her Arrow
 This is quite a large pendant made of white bronze.
Spectacular detail and a real conversation piece.
2.25 inches high by 1.25 inches wide. Makes a beautiful gift for your favorite archer.
Also a wonderful archery award.

*"Just Like Silver" white bronze metal alloy is nickel and lead free as well as Hypoallergenic.
It has a silver like luster.

On Sale Now: $24.94


Diana statue-with stag top view

diana statue - with stag statue front diana stastue - with stag back view 
 Artemis Statue with Stag
Diana Moon Goddess Statue

Cold Cast Bronze Diana Goddess Statue

 The chaste maiden aspect of feminine divinity, here She is the huntress, the Amazon warrior, and the special Goddess of women and child birth. Classic cold cast bronze depiction of Diana standing next to a stag. These pictures barely capture the beauty of this nature Goddess.
Large and substantial at 11.25 inches tall.

-details and more pictures here-

Our Price:          $79.00
SALE PRICE:    $69.00

diana of ephesus pendant    Diana of Ephesus Pendant

Diana of Ephesus is a nurturer with hands outstretched to welcome all supplicants. Her sterling silver pendant stands just over 1 /1/4 inches high. This is a lighter weight pendant and hollow on the back. Lovely detail and symbolism make her a fine gift for the nurturer you know. Fine quality piece.



Young Artemis Statue-with Fawn Young Artemis Statue Goddess
3.75 inches x 3.75 inches

Arcadian Protector of Children and Animals
Cold Cast Bronze. Design by Billie John.

This lovely new image of Artemis as a girl reveals her sweet, innocent side as she crouches to soothe a fawn with a gentle hand. She inspires us to love and protect the sacred purity of childhood and nature. A high quality art piece gift that fits in an outstretched hand.



-see also Young Pan bronze here-

 artemis goddess banner artemis goddess banner

artemis goddess banner
 Artemis Tapestry - the Archer

Strength, decisiveness, a steady hand, and a true aim are depicted in this first quality rayon banner of the Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis. Vivid hand batik'd colors enhanced with glitter, this wall art measures  31 inches High + 4 inch hanging loops x 25 inches Wide.


Artemis Crescent Moon Pendant
(c) Paul Borda, Dryad Designs
 Artemis Pendant - Crescent Moon
1 inch high x 7/16 inches wide

Sterling silver crescent moon named after Artemis,
the Goddess of wild places and things.
Theban script says "Artemis."


Goddess Diana Artemis Rubber Stamp  diana artemis rubber stamp Diana  or Artemis Rubber Stamp 
2.5 inches x 2 inches

High Quality,100% red rubber mounted on
straight-sided hardwood blocks with a thick rubber sponge between the image and the block.


Lady of Beasts Artemis Rubber Stamp Lady of Beasts Artemis Rubber Stamp  Lady of Beasts Artemis Rubber Stamp

High Quality,100% red rubber mounted on straight-sided hardwood blocks with a thick rubber sponge between the image and the block.

2.5 inches x 1.75 inches

diana artemis statue Diana with Stag Statue
White Marble Look Finish

More images, ordering and info here

Greek/Roman-- Goddess of the wild beasts, wild places, the hunt, and a special protectress of women, her crescent bow symbolized the moon. The woman who runs with the wolves, this moon Goddess, also called Artemis, was renamed Diana, Queen of Heaven, by the Romans. She was the chief feminine deity worshiped in Roman towns all over Europe. In this form she was venerated by the Gauls well into the 7th century CE. Diana also carried forth the legacy of Diana of Ephesus. The columns of her temple were incorporated into Constantinople's Church of St. Sophia.

ARTEMIS/DIANA: Cultivate decisiveness and self-esteem with Artemis, whose bow is symbolic of an exquisitely tuned inner tension. She is the deity of wild places, groves and ponds. This moon-goddess was "whole without a man," hence immune to falling in love, and was the Protectress of Animals. The goddess of forests and the hunt stands bathed in moonlight, her bow raised in a "calling down the moon" ritual gesture. Her graceful stance reflects the awe ancient people felt toward healing women who were whole unto themselves. Her confidence will inspire you!

"One of the most enduring of the great Classical Goddesses, Diana is the Roman name for the Greek Goddess Artemis. Diana is a lunar divinity dedicated to the waxing crescent. She has many titles: Maiden Huntress, Mistress of the Beasts, Queen of the Night, Lady of the Grove. She is one of the virgin goddesses who was first and foremost a women's goddess. She never married and preferred to roam the woodlands with Her retinue of nymphs and forest creatures. All young animals were sacred to Her as She was their protector. Her favorites were bears, deer, hares, cats, hounds and other animals and birds associated with the Moon.

"Originally, Diana was associated with Great Mother goddesses of Asia Minor, such as Cybele. One legend says Her famous temple at Ephesus was originally built by the Amazons around a wooden image adorned with a black meteoric stone. Later, wealthy King Croesus rebuilt it into one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. Her early association with the Great Mother gained Her a reputation as a midwife and nurse. By the time She was included in the Greek pantheon She was said to be the daughter of Zeus by Leto and the sister of Apollo.

"By Roman times, Diana had become the patron goddess of the underdog in many ways. Women, children, baby animals, eunuchs, lesbians, slaves and outlaws were all Her special charges, though She remained steadfastly a virgin and no man could enter Her temple on the Aventine in Rome. However, in Ephesus, Her priestesses were gradually replaced by eunuch priests until, by the time it was destroyed by Christians in the 7th Century CE, women were no longer allowed inside the temple even to make offerings!

"Diana was so beloved by society's underdogs that even after Her worship was forbidden under penalty of death, She became the secret rallying goddess of those disaffected with the Roman Catholic Church. Thus it was that Diana became the Goddess of Witches during the Dark and Middle Ages in Europe, and many a woman burned at the stake died with the name of this goddess on her lips. In fact, for over 400 years, little girls could not be christened with the name Diana, such was the fear She inspired in the hearts of the Church Fathers!

"Oberon's exquisite modern interpretation of (the Silvery Blue) Diana was actually inspired by the final scene in the Pastoral portion of Walt Disney's "Fantasia." Night has fallen and the Maiden Huntress steps out onto a silvery cloud. Bending the crescent bow of the new moon in her hands, she fires a meteoric arrow which steaks across the starry night sky.  --Morning Glory Zell