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Goddess Gift Sale Items
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 mary and jesus with musical angel Mary and Jesus with Musical Angel Statue
6.5 x 6.5 inches  / 30.48 cm high
Hand finished color statue

Mary and Jesus in a serene moment serenaded by a cherubic angel. The comfort of mother and child is an inspiring image in this lovely artwork that will give a musical note of serenity to any space in which it is placed. Lovely piece of artwork.

Regularly:       $39.94
On Sale Now:  $29.94

 mermaid hand mirror SALE!
Mermaid Hand Mirror

L: 11" x W: 5.75" x 1 inch thick

Elegantly hand painted hand mirror with a wonderful lounging mermaid hanging over the mirror. Hold her tail to see yourself.

Regularly:        $22.49
On Sale Now:  $17.99

 triple goddess in resin SALE!
Celebrate the Three Aspects of the Feminine Journey

Maiden, Mother, Crone Statue

11 1/4 inch high wood finish resin
Made in India
-more images and information here-

Typical Retail:      $109.00
Our Sale Price:    $ 92.65

Laxshmi Handpainted  Laxshmi handpainted back  Goddess Lakshmi (Laxmi) Statue Seated on Lotus

6 inch statue (
15.24 cm) of Hand Painted Ganges Clay and resin. Delicately painted with detail, she holds the lotus flowers, sits on a lotus and gold coins shower from her hands.

Save 50% Now
Regularly:        $28.00
On Sale Now:  $

kwan yin royal ease posture  kwan yin royal ease posture Kwan Yin Statue

Sweeet. 5 inches high and perfect for a desktop.
Hand Painted by our artisan's cooperative in India and made of sacred Ganges Clay and resin.
In royal ease posture, this delicate Goddess of Compassion is
fantastic on a table near where a reader or healer works.

This little Kwan Yin is superbly hand painted with the finest detail. Very delicate and a real work of fine art. Please allow for slight variations as each of these statues is made by hand.

Save 50% Now
Regularly:        $28.00
On Sale Now:  $14.00

senmut wit neferure Senmut and Neferure
Egyptian Museum Replica

This beautiful Egyptian statue dates back to the early 18th Dynasty, when Hatshepsut and her stepson Thutmosis III ruled the Egyptian Empire. Thebes (approx. 1475 B.C)

Details, Photos and More Information here

Save 50%
Regularly:        $51.00

On Sale Now:  $



Cycladic bust statue Cycladic Bust Museum Replica
Cultured marble on Marble Base
5.5 inches high (14cm)

-more info on this piece and the art here-

Save 50%
Regularly:       $45.00
On Sale Now:  $22.

 bast statue egyptian statue cat goddess statue Egyptian Bast with Earring
Hand Finished Artists Casting Stone

Save 50%
Regularly:        $32.00
On sale now:  $



tree of life celtic jewelry Celtic Tree of Life Pendant
.925 Sterling Silver Guaranteed

Pendant is 1 3/8″ tall (3.49cm) and is presented on an attractive display card. Proudly handcrafted in the USA

Artists' note: The Tree of Life symbolizes interconnection, wisdom, and hope. A concept that figures in many different religions, mythologies, and philosophies.

The Tree of Life is also referred to as the World Tree, the Sacred Tree, the Cosmic Tree, and by specific names such as Yggdrasil (Norse), and Etz Chaim (Hebrew).
New and exclusive designs incorporate interlacing Celtic knot work in the upward-reaching branches and the grounding roots of the tree, expanding on the concept of interconnectedness.

Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) 2013
Visionary Award Winner

SAVE 50%
Regularly:       $39.00
On Sale Now: $19.50

Cernunnos Horned God Pentacle Pendant Cernunnos Horned God Pentacle Pendant
.95 inches (2.41 cm) High x .95 inches (2.41 cm) Wide
.925 quality Sterling Silver

Cernunnos is the horned God of the witches. Here portrayed as influenced by the Gundestrup Cauldron, which was found in bog in Denmark. It is believed that the cauldron was stolen by the Vikings broken up and given as a sacrifice.

He is holding the rams headed serpent that some associate with the dark half of the year - basically from Scorpio to Aries. The torc, a twisted metal neck ornament, is probably a symbol of sovereignty or kingship.

Save 40% Now
Regularly:        $39.94
On Sale Now:  $23.96



Trinity Knot Pendant

pagan pendant
Trinity Knot Sun Moon Pendant
with your choice of 3 stones
Amethyst or Moonstone

.925 Sterling Silver guaranteed
1.25 inches high
1.3 cm

The sacred trinity of a Celtic knot, crescent moon and stars, and a blazing or cool sun with your favorite semi-precious gemstone is Pagan Proud jewelry.

Trinity Knot Sun Moon Pendant with
Regularly:      $49.99
On Sale Now: $39.99


Trinity Knot Sun Moon Pendant with


Regularly:      $49.99
On Sale Now: $39.99


moon raven goddess necklace moon raven necklace Pentacle Star Moon Goddess with Raven Necklace
Sterling Silver Pagan Necklace

This silver necklace makes a statement in the tradition of the shape-shifting moon Goddess whose consort is the Raven. Reminiscent of the Morrigan, this Goddess holds the crescent moon in one hand and a raven in the other. Attached 18 inch chain.

.925 quality silver makes this a
high quality piece of jewelry art.

SAVE 50%
Regularly:       $69.00
On Sale Now: $
Morrigan pendant Morrigan Pendant
on Sale Now

-more info and ordering here-
lilith pendant
 ŠPaul Borda, Dryad Designs
Lilith Pendant
1-3/4 inches high x 1 inch wide

Sterling silver pendant based on a Sumerian clay table relief from 2000 BC. She wears the horned crown that marks her as a Goddess not a demon in Sumerian mythology. Lilith appears in Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Canaanite, Persian, Hebrew, Arabic and Teutonic mythology.

She is also known as Adam's "first wife" who refused to "lie beneath." In the oldest mythologies she is a Goddess and in later stories she is demonized. Lilith is a motherless form of the divine feminine even known to some as the wife of Yahweh. As the embodiment of the neglected, outcast and rejected aspects of the Great Goddess she calls women to rise up in strength to reclaim their own divinity. 

Regularly:       $76.00
On Sale Now: $66.00

rhiannon celtic goddess statue rhiannon celtic goddess statue rhiannon statue Celtic Goddess Rhiannon Statue

-more information here-

Celtic Goddess of Horses and Fertility (Abundance)

Size: 7.75 inches high
(19.68 cm high)
4.25 x 3 inch base (10.79 cm x 7.62
hand painted resin

Regularly:        $34.99
On Sale Now:  $29.99


millenial gaia statue by zell Millennial Gaia is now on sale here!
the morrigan statue the morrigan statue the morrigan statue the morrigan statue

The Fierce Morrigan Statue
H: 10.5" to tip of horn x L: 8.5" x W: 8"

The fierce Morrigan is shown here holding the sacred stag horn with claw outstretched from the other hand. Flanked by ravens, snakes, and other fearsome creatures, this winged Goddess means business.
Cold cast faux bronze, hand polished.

Regularly:        $64.00
On Sale Now:  $54.00



lilith pendant Lilith Pendant
Sterling Silver Lilith Pendant
2 1/8 inches high

With birds of wisdom, kings of beasts, the winged Lilith holds the rod and ring of Sumerian royal authority (or glyph of 100,000). Very detailed and great quality pendant of .925 quality silver guaranteed.

Regularly:        $76.00
On Sale Now:  $64.99

hindu lord ganesh statue and miniature All of the Ivory Look Statuettes and Miniatures
are on Clearance
with further reduced prices
tara bronze miniature Green Tara Mini Bronze Statue
3 inches high

Need metal for feng shui balance?
This is a sweet and high quality  piece in bronze, one of the most expensive metals on the world market today. She also sometimes comes with a silver overlay.

Regularly:        $18.00
On Sale Now:  $14.00


-more Green Tara items and info-
flight of spirit banner Flight of Spirit Rayon Banner
U.S.A. Artisan
Brightly colored 100% first quality rayon
with rod pocket for hanging.
U.S.A. Artisan
21 inches high by 41 inches wide
(53.34cm by 104.14cm)

A woman in meditation is the central theme of this banner. She sits on butterfly wings with fire below, transcending into a rising bird at the crown chakra. A powerful image for meditation. Rayon Batik. Each piece is handmade. Please allow for some color variations.

Regularly:        $39.00
On Sale Now:  $34.99

Sea Goddess Banner Sea Goddess Wall Decor
U.S.A. Artisan
33 inches wide by 42 inches high
Will take up to a 1 1/4 inch (32 mm or 3.18 cm) diameter rod.
Most standard flag poles are 1 inch in diameter.

Sea Goddess is surrounded by dolphins and a beautiful whale, as well as flora from the sea and a spiral shell third eye ornament. Even the whites of her eyes are the color of a baby blue sea! Sewn rod pocket at top.
Hand batik'd in Bali.

Regularly:        $40.00
On Sale Now:  $34.99

dragonfly earrings Selected Jewelry

On Sale Now at 40% Off Here

lesbian earrings Selected Jewelry in the OutMall

On Sale Now at 40% Off Here

ace of pentacles tarot jewelry Tarot Pendant Charms

On Sale Now at 40% Off Here

   Goddess Sarasvati on Swan Statue Goddess Sarasvati on Swan Statue Goddess Sarasvati on Swan
Cold Cast Bronze Resin
8.5 inches high  / 21.59 cm

Hand finished with subtle pastel colors
and a cold cast bronze finish

Regularly:        $83.25
On Sale Now:  $73.25


Goddess Sarasvati on Swan Statue  Goddess Sarasvati on Swan Statue
Goddess Sarasvati on Swan Statue Goddess Sarasvati on Swan Statue Garden Sized
Goddess Sarasvati on Swan
Serene and Inspiring

Cold Cast Bronze Resin
H: 26" W: 24"
2.16 feet x 2 feet

Saraswati on Swan - Hindu Goddess of Knowledge

Hand finished with subtle pastel colors
and a cold cast bronze finish

Works well outdoors but will fade eventually in direct sunlight or harsh elements.
Bring inside in inclement weather.

Regularly:        $472.50
On Sale Now:  $349.00


Goddess Sarasvati on Swan Statue  Goddess Sarasvati on Swan Statue

   isis goddess wall hanging
(c) Global Gifts
 Winged Isis Goddess Banner
39 inches by  32.5 inches
99 cm x 82.6cm
1.5 to 2.5 inch sewn rod pocket for hanging,
included in measurements.

Egyptian Mother Goddess Isis who "made wind with her feathers" is shown here doing just that. High quality altar cloth that feels like heavy silky lined fabric. Hemmed edges. One-sided wall hanging.

100% polyester, eco-friendly inks made in USA.
Water resistant, UV resistant, and strong color fastness. Usually lasts more than 1 year outdoors depending on local environmental conditions.
Digitally printed with dye sublimation and heat transfer.

Regular Price:  $38.95
On Sale Now:   $19.95

   Archangel Abdiel Statue Archangel Abdiel Statue Archangel Abdiel Statue Archangel Abdiel StatueArchangel Abdiel Statue Archangel Abdiel Statue
Servant of God
2.43 pounds
11.5  inches high /  29.21 cm high
Base: 3.75 inches x 2.75 inches wide
9.52 cm x 6.98 cm
Stone Look Resin

Abdiel ("Servant of God") is a biblical name meaning rich and famous in life. Abdiel is mentioned a single time in the Bible, in 1 Chronicles 5:15:

"Ahi the son of Abdiel, the son of Guni, chief of the house of their fathers."

SAVE 50%
Regularly:        $34.99
On Sale Now:  $17.49

   Rhea Greek Goddess Statue Rhea Greek Mother of the Gods Statue

Material:  Faux Bronze
Measures: 7 1/2" x 4" x 8" or 19.05 cm x 10.16 cm x 20.32 cm

Rhea is the Titaness daughter of the earth goddess Gaia and the sky god Uranus, in Greek mythology and sister and wife to Cronus. In early traditions, she is known as "the mother of gods" and therefore is strongly associated with Gaia and Cybele, who have similar functions. Read more, see more photos.....

SAVE 50%
Regularly:        $61.00
On Sale Now:  $30.50


   Shiva Nataraja Antique Brass Statue Shiva Nataraja Antique Brass Statue Shiva Nataraja Antique Brass Statue
with Master Crafter's Stone Inlay

Full metal statue

8.5 inches high
Base: 3.75 inches wide x 2.25 inches deep

Dancing Shiva Nataraja with Stone Inlay is an antique honey gold colored brass with multi-colored inlay stones.

Impressive work by our artisan co-op in Calcutta
Heavy and substantial sculpture weighs approx 2 pounds 10 ounces

SAVE 50%
Regularly:       $79.99
On Sale Now: $39.99


Hindu God Lord Shiva Nataraja Dance 6 inch copper and brass statue   Hindu Lord Shiva Nataraja
 Statue in full metal Copper and Brass
Height: 6 inches
100% Metal, Hand pounded by our artisan's in India

SAVE 30%
Regularly:        $24.95
On Sale Now:  $12.4

   shiva statue Shiva Nataraja Brass Statue
Full metal statue

11 inches high
100% Metal, Hand pounded by our artisan's in India

-more photos and info here-

SAVE 50%
Regularly:      $119.00
On Sale Now:  $ 59.50


   Hindu God Lord Shiva Nataraj Polished Brass Statue shiva nataraja statue

Hindu Lord Shiva Nataraja Statue
in Polished Honey Colored Brass
Height: 9 inches
100% Metal, Hand pounded by our artisan's in India

SAVE 50%
Regularly:        $54.95
On Sale Now: $


shiva nataraja statue
 Diana Statues - the Huntress - also called Artemis Goddess Diana Statue with Hound
in cold cast bronze - 11 inches high
Would make a wonderful archery gift or archer trophy

-more photos and details here-

Regularly:        $72.00
On Sale Now:  $64.99

lgbtq charm bracelet

rainbow bracelet lgbt
Bracelet Sale Here
Up to 60% Off

Two Women Rainbow Bracelet
Mermaid Cuff Bracelet
 mermaid bracelet
Moon Goddess Pendant  Moon Goddess Pendant
Spiral bellied Goddess reaches for the moon
while playing in the stars!

Sterling Silver Pendant
Regularly:         $39.95
On Sale Now:  $29.95

  Millennial Gaia Pendant millennial gaia pendant  Large Sterling Silver and Enamel
Millennial Gaia Necklace
by Oberon Zell
Sterling Silver with Colored Enamel

comes with 24 inch chain
1.5 inches across

For your favorite earthling, this sterling silver enameled pendant is modeled after the Mother Earth herself, Gaia. With swollen earth belly, and hair filled with living creatures of all kinds, this large pendant tells a story.
Comes with 24 inch metal alloy chain.

Regularly:      $125.94
On Sale Now:  $

  Gaia Pendant

gaia pendant
Millennial Gaia Silver Necklace
comes with 24 inch chain
1.5 inches across

 Lots of shiny pure sterling silver in this beautifully detailed piece that's very well made.  An investment in art.

Regularly:      $125.94
On Sale Now:  $94.99



 dancing and drumming goddess flag string Dancing and Drumming Goddesses
Flag String

Six Flags on a String
each individual flag is
 12.5 inches wide x  17.5 inches tall
U.S.A. Artisan
Measures 6 ft. when stretched with 1 foot of string at each end.

Rayon Batik, each flag handmade - please allow for some color variation as each flag string is handmade.

Six pennants on a string with images of cross cultural Goddesses of modern day drumming and dancing with their cats and drums.

-more images and info here-

Regularly:        $48.00
On Sale Now:  $38.00


Goddess Gift Sale Items
 Sales Pg 2