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Alphabetical Goddess Information and Areas of Rule Directory: Search any term

Acheulian Goddess: She may be as old as 800,000 years!
African Goddesses: Black and dark goddesses and Black Madonna icons
Anahita, Lady of the Beasts: Animal loving Goddess with lions at her sides
Anahita: Lioness Lady of the Beasts
Anu: also known as Danu, a Celtic Goddess of Faeries
Amphitrite Goddess: sacred representation of woman and fish: plaque pendant
Anubis: Egyptian God of the Dead
Aphrodite: Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty
Aquarius: Greek Aquarian Water Nymph Statue
Apollo and Diana: Twins on chariot bringing the sun across the sky
Aradia: Queen of Witches
Arching Nuit: Egyptian Goddess of the Night Sky
Ares / Mars: God of War
Ariadne: Athletic Minoan Snake Goddess of Renewal and Rebirth; Snake Goddess
Arianrhod: Celtic Goddess who challenged her children to empower them
Artemis: Protectress of Animals; wild things/places
Asclepious: Greek God of Medicine and Healing; Father of Modern Medicine
Astarte: Earth harvest; she holds sheaves of grain into the air in celebration
Asherah or Ashera: Semitic Goddess, Fertility, Communion
Atargatis: Mermaid Goddess: Fertility and Useful Appliances
Atlas: Holding Up the heavens and Stars from Greek Mythology
Athena: Roman Minerva - Wise Warrior; Courage, Intelligence and Diplomacy
Aztec Moon Goddess Chalchihuitlicue dances the moon


Baba Yaga: Wise Healing Crone of Slavic Tradition
Bacchus: Roman God of Wine and gentle step-fatherhood (Greek Dionysus)
Baldur: Norse God of Love and Light
Bast / Bastet: Egyptian Cat Goddess of Pleasure, Music, and Dancing
Bee Goddess: Minoan Goddess of Bees
Black Goddesses and Queens: Isis, Sekhmet, Bast and more
Black Madonnas-Virgins: Representing miracles, protection and fertility
Black Madonnas, Goddesses, Queens and Virgins: Miracles, protection and fertility
Blessing Bowls: Goddess Blessing Bowl Large and Small for ritual and observance
Blodeuwedd: Celtic Goddess associated with nature
Brigid: Goddess of Inspiration, Springs, Blacksmithing and Poets (aka Brig,Bridey, Brid, and Brigantia)
Buddha: Female and Male Buddha classically posed
Buddha-Shakti: Male and Female dance of balance through sexuality


Cat Goddess: Bast or Bastet, Egyptian Cat Goddess of Music, Dancing and Joy
Ceres: Roman - see Demeter: mother-daughter bond; rebirth of Springtime
Cernunnos: Celtic hoofed and horned woodland father
Cerridwen / Kerridwen: Celtic Goddess of Magic, Rebirth, Herbcrafte and Prosperity
Cleopatra: Egyptian Queen who advanced Egypt's fortunes with feminine power!
Columbia: Before Lady Liberty, there was Columbia, symbol of freedom
Cupid, Psyche, and Venus: Roman God of Love (Eros in Greek)
Cybele: Ancient drummer; Sacred Drumming Earth Goddess
Cycladic Goddesses of Greece: Abstract figures from ancient Greece


Danu: Celtic Flowing Mother of Abundance and Fertility
Dakini: Buddhist Goddess Sky Dancer of creativity and potential
Demeter / Ceres: Agriculture and Mother-Daughter Bond
Diana / Artemis: The Hunt, Wild Places and Things
Diana of Ephesus: Multi-breasted and Regal Nurturing Goddess of Ephesus
Dictynna: Isle of Lesbos; Goddess of Women
Dionysus: Greek God of Wine and gentle step-fatherhood (Roman Bacchus)
Dolni Vestonice: the Italian Goddess /Wizardress of Dolni Vestonice
Dreamer of Malta: a tiny island pays tribute to the ample sleeping Goddess
Durga: Earth Protectress who embodies natural forces


Earth, Tree and Nature Goddesses: the Divine Feminine as tree life force
Egyptian Queens: Cleopatra, Nefertiti and others who ruled ancient Egypt
Egyptian Gods: Horus, Osiris, Thoth and other Egyptian Gods
Epona/Rhiannon: Horses, Abundance (Fertility), Communication with Animals. Celtic
Eros and Psyche: Greek God of Love (Cupid to the Romans)
Eve with Serpent: Earth's first woman according to biblical tradition


Fame aka Pheme: The Winged Angel carries a soldier to his reward: a soldier's ultimate sacrifice is the subject of this museum replica
Fortuna: Goddess of Good Luck and riches who steers the boat to prosperity
Freya: Norse Goddess of Spring, Fertility and Love
Frigga: Norse Queen of the Gods; Goddess of the Clouds and Marriage


Gaia: Mother Earth, the Goddess who is the energy of this small blue Planet Earth
Ganesh: Elephant God, Remover of obstacles, rules intellect & scholarship
Green Man: Wild nature and male fertility
Green Tara: Hindu Earth mother who comforts
Guadalupe: Virgin of: Matron Saint of Mexico City


Habondia: Anglo Saxon Goddess of Abundance and Safe Birth (ripe with child)
Hanuman: Hindu Monkey God of Strength, Perseverance and Devotion
Hathor: Childbirth, Motherhood, Joy and royal succession
Health, Goddess of: Hygieia, Hygea, Hygia the ancient mother of nursing and doctoring
Hecate: Transformation, Light in Dark Times, helps at crossroads in life
Heket: Egyptian Frog Goddess
Hera: (Roman Juno) Greek Queen of Heaven, Goddess of Birth and Marriage
Hermes: Messenger of the Gods (the Roman Mercury)
Herne: Celtic Lord of the Trees and Protector of the Forests
Hestia : Home and Hearth Goddess for your refuge
Hippo Goddess: Egyptian; Fertility and protector of mothers and children: Taweret
Hippocrates: Father of Medicine
Holy Mary, Jesus and Joseph: Virgin Mother of Jesus
Horus: Falcon God and other Egyptian Gods
Horses, Goddess of: Rhiannon (Welsh), Epona (Celtic)
Hygeia and Asclepius: Origins of Nursing and Doctoring; Goddess of Health


Inanna: Wisdom, Order, Prosperity and Fertility
Ishtar: Babylonian Fertility Goddess
Isis: Queen of Egypt, Protection and Childbirth
Ixchel: Mayan Goddess of Fertility and crone wisdom


Joan of Arc: Catholic Warrior Saint
Juno: Roman equivalent of Greek Goddess Hera, Queen of Heaven
Justice Goddess: Themis, Greek Goddess of Justice and Law
Justicia or Justitia: Lady Justice


Kali: Transformation; purges us of fear, anger and jealousy
Kerridwen/Cerridwen: Celtic: magic, rebirth, and prosperity
Krishna and Radha: lovers that took many risks to be together
Krishna Lord Statues: Flute playing Hindu deity and other Hindu Gods
Kwan Yin / Quan Yin / Kuan Yin: Compassion for the human struggle


Labrys or Lesbian Goddess of Crete: Isle of Lesbos; Goddess of Women
Lady Justice, Lady Liberty: the Statue of Liberty, a Goddess for all who seek freedom and opportunity
Lady Luck: Roman Goddess Fortuna or Greek Goddess Tyche - Luck and Fortune
Lady of the Beasts, Anahita: animal loving Goddess with lions at her sides
Lakshmi (Laxmi) : Prosperity and Beauty; gold coins shower from her hands
Lalitha: Hindu Goddess known for playfulness; aspect of Kali and Durga
Laussel, Venus of: from a prehistoric cave, this mother carving honors abundance
Lespugue, Venus of: fertility of Earth and female, abundant nurture
Lillith: Rebellion, Sensuality, Earth's first woman who preceded Eve as Adam's wife (Hebrew Tradition)
Lunar Madonna: a Madonna with moon influences Gnostic Christian plaque


Maat: Justice and Order, this Goddess keeps the law and order of balance
Madonnas: Black Madonnas, Lunar Madonna, Mary with Cherubs
Maha Lakshmi: the great mother Goddess of serenity and peace
Maiden, Mother, Crone: the three aspects of a woman's life
Malta Mother Goddess: a tiny island where the ample sleeping Goddess dreams
Manjusri: Male Bodhisattva of Transcendent Wisdom
Mars / Ares: God of War
Mary Magdalene: Spouse of the Christ? Beloved Female Disciple of the Christ
Mary, Jesus and Joseph: Virgin Mother of Jesus
Masai Maiden Statue: African tribe in Kenya and Tanzania
Mayan Goddesses: Goddess Ixchel of Fertility with Rabbit companion
Medusa: Greek Serpent headed Goddess statue Protector Gorgon
Melusine: love and commitment through trust and restraint; honoring boundaries
Menet: Ancient Egyptian ritual necklace with tinkling bells.
Mercury: Messenger of the Gods (the Greek Hermes)
Mermaid Goddess: Atargatis, half fish, half woman, from Syria
Midwifery: Nursing Mothers; Childbirth statues, jewelry and candle lamps
Military Honors: Fame: The Winged Angel carries a soldier to his reward: a soldier's ultimate sacrifice is the subject of this museum replica
Minerva: Roman - see Athena, Greek
Minoan Snake Goddess: Goddess of renewal, regeneration and athleticism
Minoan Bee Goddess: Deity of Bees
Moon Goddess: representing the glowing nightly orb
Morrigan: The Morrigan; Triple Celtic Goddess Great Phantom Queen


Nataraja Shiva Dancing: the diety dances the universe into being
Nike: Winged Victory Goddess; Triumph over obstacles
Nile Goddess: Egyptian Moon Goddess
Norse Gods: Odin, Baldur, Herne, Cernunnos, Odin, Loki, Freyr, Heimdall, Thor
Nut or Nuit: Egyptian Goddess of the Night Sky
Nursing: Caring for the ill; Goddess of Nursing Hygiea


Odin: father and ruler of the Norse God who wore a golden helmet and carried a magic sword
Oedipus and the Sphinx: The Sphinx's riddle must be solved to enter the city gates!
Oracle at Delphi Statue: Greek Pythia with the gift of Prophecy
Oshun: African Goddess of Beauty and Love
Osiris: Egyptian God of the afterlife
Oya of Winds: African Goddess who embraces change


Pan: young bronze of the woodland half-goat, half-boy with pan flute
Pagan Great Rite: melding of the Horned God and Moon Goddess
Parvati and Uma Parvati: Daughter of the Mountain. Hindu Goddess, wife of Shiva
Peace Goddess: Blesses the earth and all her inhabitants
Pele: Compassionate Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes
Pentacle Goddess and Lord Statues: this moon, stars and pentacle Goddess is out of this world! She is sold separately or with her consort, the Pentacle Lord. In black he is the night, intuitive king
Persephone: Greek Queen of the Underworld
Pheme aka Fame: The Winged Angel Goddess carries a French soldier to his reward
Phallic King: Phallic King from Spain
Pomona: Goddess of growth, abundance and harvest
Poseidon: Greek Ruler of the Sea and Her creatures
Prajnaparamita: Female Buddha, Compassion and Wisdom
Psyche and Cupid or Eros (God of love) Greek God in love with a mortal woman


Quan Yin: Goddess of Mercy and Compassion (Kuan Yin, Kwan Yin, Guan Yin)
Queen of Heaven: Inanna Ishtar Queen of Heaven


Radha and Krishna: lovers that took many risks to be together
Rhea: Mother of the Olympian Gods and Goddesses
Rhiannon: Horses, Birds, Fertility (Abundance). Welsh version of Epona


Saraswati: Hindu Goddess of Intelligence, Speech, Music, Art, Poetry, Creativity
Satyr Pan: half-goat, half-boy with pan flute dancing with nymph
Selene: Moon Goddess who guides the moon's celestial journey
Sekmet / Sekhmet: Egyptian Goddess of Magic, Healing, Transformation, Dawn
Senmut and Neferure: a protective brother and son of Hatshepsut shown with his princess sister
Serpent Goddess of Crete: Snake Goddess of Renewal and Rebirth
Sheela Na Gig: Celtic Goddess of Fertility, birth, warding off evil
Shiva - Shakti: Enlightenment through Sexuality
Shiva Nataraja Dancing: the diety dances the universe into being
Silenus (and Dionysus) : Foster Fatherhood with this natural forest man
Skadi, Skade, Skathi: Norse Goddess of bow hunting, skiing, winter, and mountains
Sleeping Goddess of Malta: ample sleeping, dreaming Goddess of Malta
Snake Goddess Ariadne: Minoan Snake Goddess of Renewal and Rebirth
Source, The: Greek Aquarian Water Nymph statue by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
Sophia: Wisdom and Creativity; Female aspect of God
Sphinx: Egyptian Female half lion half woman sculpture
Spiral Goddess: Creativity and Grace; Black Spiral Goddess and White
Spiral Lord: Male Enlightenment both white and black
St. Francis of Assisi: Guardian and protector of animals


Tara: Green Most important feminine diety in Tibetan Buddhism
Tara, White: Tibetan Goddess of Compassion
Taweret: Egyptian Fertility Goddess manifest as a hippo; fierce protectress of mothers and children
Themis: Greek Goddess of Justice
Thor: super strong son of Odin and Earth Goddess Jord; human protector; eyes of lightening
Thoth: Egyptian God of Writing and Scholarship
Tree, Earth and Nature Goddesses: the Divine Feminine as tree life force
Triple Goddess Statues: Maiden, Mother, Crone Plaque, Jewelry, Banner representing three phases of a woman's life
Tyche: Greek Goddess of Fortune. Roman Goddess Fortuna


Uma Parvati: Daughter of the Mountain. Hindu Goddess, wife of Shiva. Uma is an aspect of Parvati.


Vajrayogini: a fierce aspect of the Hindu Goddess and a Dakini
Venus: Beauty and Grace, Roman (Aphrodite to the Greeks)
Venus of Laussel: from a prehistoric cave, this mother carving honors abundance
Venus of Lespugue: fertility of Earth and female, abundant nurture
Venus of Willendorf: Primordial Earth Mother Goddess one of the very first
Vesta: Home and Hearth a.k.a. Hestia; also with donkey Pales
Virgin Mary, Jesus and Joseph: Virgin Mother of Jesus
Virgin of Guadalupe: Matron Saint of Mexico City
Virgin of Tonantzin: a dark skinned version of the Virgin of Guadalupe


Wheel of the Year: the Pagan holidays and seasons of the year
White Buffalo Woman: Teacher of Peace and Wisdom
White Tara: Most important feminine diety in Tibetan Buddhism
Willendorf: Fertility and Abundance; Earth mother

X, Y, Z

Yab-Yum: Divine or Sacred Union; Sexual Enlightenment
Yemaya: Ocean Goddess of Africa
Zazen Buddha: Japanese Buddha in meditation
Zeus: God with the Thunderbolt
Zeus and Hera: couple reigning from the heavens

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