Summer Festivals and Events for Pagans 2018

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Summer Festivals and Events for Pagans 2018

Summer Festivals and Events for Pagans 2018:
Celebrate Summer with Like Minded People all across the US and the world.

Goddess Temple of Orange County and Museum of Woman (CA)- Open Weekends and other dates.

Goddess Temple of Palm Springs (CA) is welcoming the Earth Mother with very special enactments in June. These women are going into the season of action, mothering our creativity, our plans, our children, and the children of the world.

Temple of Sekhmet in Nevada, USA - Thursday June 28 – Full Moon gathering in the pavilion at 7 pm for potluck (please bring a dish to share) followed by ritual in the Temple at 8 pm. This event is open to all.

Content Credit of Festival Calendar: Big thanks to Jason Mankey for his event list and commentary, at

Dates: July 10-16
Location: Wisteria Campground, near Athens Ohio
Cost: 179 as I write this, but that will be going up soon. Weekend passes also available. Passes at the gate are 245 bucks.
Names: Brian Henke, Byron Ballard

Gods damn it! There’s Byron again. When Pagan historians look back on the Summer of 2018 they will probably call it the “Summer of Byron.” I’m starting to wonder if she and Henke are just riding everywhere together in North America going “whew! It’s another festival without Mankey!” In truth, they probably don’t even talk about me. Anyways, yeah Starwood. Starwood was the first festival I ever went to with any regularity, we are talking about ten years of regularity I think. For that reason I sometimes think of it as “The Granddaddy of them all,” it’s the Rose Bowl of festivals. Starwood is also always really great because there’s a lot on the program that goes far past “Pagan.” I like weird little esoteric corners of the world.

Dates: July 13-15
Cost: 31 to 135 dollars to free! Depends on what you do.
Location: Broadway & Lafayette Streets, Manhattan, New York City
Names: LILITH DORSEY, Don Lewis, Christopher Penczak, Starr Ravenhawk

This is another wild-card type of festival because it’s not at a campground, it’s in the concrete jungle of New York City, it’s a street fair! The list of speakers is pretty amazing, and there’s lots of music and dancers for your entertainment pleasure too! They are also gathering food donations, which is awesome of them and of course something that’s always needed. I think there are lots of readers too! Come for just Saturday, or attend all 36 workshops for 135 bucks. (Though I think if I went to 35 workshops in three days my head would explode with all the knowledge being crammed in there.)

Dates: July 13-15
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Cost: 100 bucks in advance, day passes available

If you pay attention to websites like the Wildhunt you might have heard about Mystic South last year. Most of that coverage was positive, look there’s an indoor festival in Atlanta!, but Mystic South might most be remember for not having water for about 12 hours on its second day. The problem wasn’t the fault of the hotel or the event, and as an attendee, it’s something I’m going to remember forever because it became this huge bonding experience. As a community we handled this inconvenience with patience and grace, I was really proud to be a Pagan that day! Even with the lack of shower on the festival’s second day (and air conditioning, which was connected to the water) I had a great time in 2017 and I’ll be back in 2019!

Dates: July 16-22
Cost: 180 dollars for the week, and then sliding scale by day.
Location: Brushwood Folklore Center, Sherman New York
Names: LILITH DORSEY, JENYA T. BEACHY, Brian Henke, Frenchy and the Punk, Billy Woods, Burning Sage

It’s sort of unfair to only list Sirius Rising in this space, because Brushwood hosts the Sankofa Festival the week before, giving you two weeks of Pagan festivaling at my absolute favorite Pagan camp ground in the world. I haven’t been able to get to Sirius in several years now, and it’s one of the ones I miss the most. I was going to head back this year, but got invited to another festival instead and my brother-in-law decided to visit that week too, so I was sort of locked out. Brushwood (and by extension Sirius) is home to some of the absolute best drum circles in the world, my favorite outdoor showers and hot-tub, and some truly excellent individuals. She’s not on the schedule but you almost just sort of assume Byron Ballard is going to magickally show up at least for a day. Also, did you know that there is no one named “Frenchy” in Frenchy and the Punk? I was surprised too!

Dates: July 19-22
Location: Lagunitas, CA, Samuel P. Taylor State Park
NAMES: JASON MANKEY, DRUM PAGANO, JoHanna Hill, Pipin Hot Smokers

Pipin’ Hot Smokers is not really an entertainment option, it’s the caterer! When Sean Harbaugh asks me to do his events and says “I’ll feed you Jason” I immediately sign up and flush the rest of my plans down the toilet for the summer. Yeah, the food is that good! There had better be brisket! More than the food though, I love doing events sponsored by ADF. I’m not a Druid and I often joke about how much I don’t get their ritual structure, but I love Druids. These are more brothers and sisters in the extended Craft and I mean that. We Wiccan-Witches share so much with Druid orders that I’ve written blog posts about it. This will be my third year in a row at a Druid event and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Also this is going to be great because it’s only two hours from my house! The last couple of Druid events were 4 and 12 hour drives respectively.

Dates: July 25-July 29
Location: Bethel, Vermont
Cost: 80 dollars for all five days (less if you register early), sliding scale for less days, meal plans available
Names: Laurelin?

Lughnasadh!?!? Where does the time go!? We don’t know that much about the ancient celebration of Lughnasadh and there’s some debate over whether or not it’s actually tied to the holiday of Lammas, but it might be. One of the things about Lammas, is that it was a time for feasts and gatherings, like fairs, and yet Midsummer is the big Pagan gathering sabbat and not Lughnasadh, though historically late July/early August was a time for such things. So I’m really happy to see a festival here with Lughnasadh so proudly in its name. Also, it’s quite possible that late July is the first time it’s warm enough in Vermont for an outdoor festival.


Written by Jason Mankey but we edited it a bit. Thanks Jason!

Dates: August 1-August 6
Cost: 150 loonies for the whole festival, day passes and sliding scale after the festival starts. (Last years prices)
Location: Raven’s Knoll, Eganville Ontario Canada
Highlights: Over 200 workshops every year at Kaleidoscope. This year’s theme is “Cosmos.”

People are super passionate about this festival and it should be great.

Dates: August 1-5
Location: Rising Sun Family Campground; Monterey, Indiana
Cost: 70 to 85 dollars depending on when you register, day passes available
Names: Mama Gina, DRUM PAGANO

The Pan Pagan festival is 42 years old this August, and is one of the oldest Modern Pagan gatherings in the world. Think about 42 years for a minute, that’s longer than most Pagan institutions survive and is a grand accomplishment. I love this line on their website: “The gathering would be a “common ground” meeting place where all Pagans could share information on their tradition, occult knowledge, ideas, and experiences while communing with Nature and the Lord and Lady,” and I love it because it represents why I love Pagan festivals so much! They are a common ground for all the various traditions that are a part of today’s Pagan tapestry. It’s easy to get stuck in the bubble of your own tradition, but the Pagan experience is much richer when we venture out of it now and again.

Dates: August 3-6
Location: Near Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Cost: 100 to 150 dollars (last year’s prices)

As long as I draw breath, any festival named Panfest will be a part of this list. Part of me wonders if Edmonton’s first Pagan festival of the year is in August because things are finally warm enough for a festival by then? (I know I’m probably missing a festival Edmonton.) Did you know that Edmonton’s has had of this writing 167 days below freezing this year? I’m guessing by the time you finally read this there will have been several more. Probably have to have festivals with Pan in them just to warm up.

Dates: August 6-12
Location: Atchingtan Learning Center (90 miles North of Minneapolis)
Cost: 145 dollars for the whole week, 3 day passes and day passes also available.
Names: Ivo Dominguez, Angela Krout, Burning Sage

Did you know that I was actually invited to visit Sacred Harvest this year? But alas, I couldn’t make it because I had a previous engagement that I had signed up for. Over the last few years visiting festivals in Minnesotta and Wisconsin I’ve really come to love the Pagans in and around Paganistan. So having to write about Sacred Harvest is all pretty bittersweet for me today. Maybe next year! Of course, they have Ivo there who is much cooler than me, smarter too, and with a much better beard! (Which is not saying much, I can’t grow a beard.) One of the best rituals I’ve ever been to was lead by Ivo at a different festival also in August.

Dates: August 10-12
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana on Bourbon Street
Cost: $350.00
Names: Fiona Horne, LILITH DORSEY, The Dragon Ritual Drummers, JASON MANKEY

I couldn’t go to Sacred Harvest because I’ll be at Hexfest in New Orleans! Woohoo! As always Hexfest has an absolutely knock-out list of presenters and I’m looking forward to seeing Lilith for the first time in several years, my brothers the Dragon Ritual Drummers, and meeting Fiona Horne for the first time. Also, I just freaking love New Orleans, and by the time Hexfest arrives I will have been there four times in just under two years. If you can get down to the Crescent City in August please do because it’s going to be pretty epic! Also, we’ll be taking bets on whether or not I’ll even show up to my 9:00 AM Workshop on Sunday. That’s just too early for me, especially in New Orleans.

Dates: August 23-26
Location: Camp Cedarcrest, Orange Connecticut
Cost: 140-300 depending on meal plans and how one camps (tent or cabin).
Day passes are usually available though I don’t see them listed, but it’s early.
Names: Jimmy Clark, Gina Martini

Absolutely one of my favorite festivals, Harvest Gathering is a gem of an event at an awesome location just an hour or two from New York City. What’s crazy to me is that one can fly into the Newark airport and then drive for an hour and feel like you are totally out in the country almost in the middle of nowhere. I like it when a place can seem rather isolated and yet only be a few hours from one of the busiest cities in the entire world. Also, I’ve never been to a festival that does more for its campers than Harvest Gathering, and most festivals go out of their way to be hospitable. Gina is just great.

Dates: August 24-26
Location: Forest Home, Healdsburg, CA
Cost: 94 dollars, includes five meals
Names: Mark Green

This year’s Moon Meet pushes the date back a few weeks, but everything else remains essentially the same. This is mostly a gathering of Atheo-Pagans, but I think everyone is welcome which is why it makes the list! I also try to be supportive of different interpretations of Paganism and wish my Atheo-Pagan friends the best of luck with another festival this year!

Dates: August 30-Sept. 2
Location: Trout Lake Abbey, Trout Lake, Washington
Cost: 45 to 55 bucks in advance, 65 at the door, meal plans too

Located at the stunning Trout Lake Abbey, Beyond the Gates was one of my favorite events in all of 2017. So nearly all of us presenter types ended up staying in the same room room at Trout Lake Abbey, and that list included me, Gwion Raven, Courtney Weber, Laura Tempest Zakroff, John Beckett, and several other folks and we just had the grandest time. I felt like I was 12 years old sending text messages to Gwion late in the night after we had all gotten into our bunk beds, and then there was John waking me up at 7:45 AM to go and talk about Cernunnos so we could take advantage of the sun shining directly into HIS shrine (C’s, not John’s) . . . . I loved the land, the hosts, the guests, everything about Beyond the Gates last year was just unbelievably stellar. I’m going to be friends with the people I met there last year until I die. So yeah, this event gets high marks from me all across the board, and I met commenter extraordinaire Woods Wizard there too!

Dates: Sept. 27-30
Location: 4H Camp Graham, Clarksville, Ohio
Cost: 125 in advance, more at the gate, meal plans & coffee plans, also cabins available
Names: LAURA TEMPEST ZAKROFF, Chas Bogan, Storm Faerywolf, Devin Hunter, Jacki Smith, Brian Henke, Burning Sage

This is another one of my favorite festivals, and while it’s not quite a Summer festival I still sort of think of it that way. Camp Graham is a super nice spot, and everything about this festival is pretty boffo. There’s always fantastic presenters and musical guests, not to mention some really fun late night entertainment with great music. I half expected to see Byron Ballard as a presenter just to put a cherry on top of the Summer of Byron. Love these people, if you are in the Midwest don’t miss this event. Also, you get to see Devin, Storm, and Chas who are all great.

Dates: September 27-30
Location: Geyersville, CA, Isis Oasis Campground

I have no idea if Jenya and Angust are speaking at Hexenfest, but they write here and are friends of mine and I like name-checking them when I can. Also, I feel pretty selfish putting my name first, especially since this is really Sharon’s event, but ya know, it’s my blog and all that. This will be my first Hexenfest, and I’m guessing that I’m taking the spot usually filled by Tempest, except that I won’t be belly dancing or selling any awesome art, or talking about sigils because I really can’t do any of those. Hexenfest really lost out when Tempest decided to go East instead of South this September. I’m really looking forward to this event, and hope my phone gets a good signal so I can keep up with football on Saturday and Sunday.

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