Archangel St Remiel with Sword Miniature Statuette

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Archangel St Remiel with Sword Miniature Statuette

Also known as the Thunder of God, this Saint Remiel Statue is an inspiring likeness of the Angel that served God in the Book of Enoch and in the Bible.

Remiel is a fallen Watcher in the apocryphal Book of Enoch, one of 20 leaders, mentioned sixth.

His name means "thunder of God" from the Hebrew elements ra'am and El.

Remiel is one of the archangels of the Christian and Islamic traditions, the Hebrew name meaning "Mercy of God" or "Compassion of God."

This traveling Saint Remiel archangel mini is well-manufactured, sturdy, and with intricate detail.

Miniature Statue made of bronze colored resin materials resembling the small toy soldiers made for children but with great detail and an inspiring image instead of a war theme.
4 inches high (10.16cm)