Bast Bastet Egyptian Cat Goddess Musical Sistrum Black with Metal Jingles

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Bast Bastet Egyptian Cat Goddess Musical Sistrum

Make a Joyful Noise with the Party Goddess' Sacred Rattle.
 Musical and Tonal Invocation and Clearing Tool.
The shape symbolizes the Arch of Heaven.

ANCIENT USAGE AND BAST SISTRUM SYMBOLISM: The sistrum is shaken during ceremonies and as in the Bast Sistrum, one side of the arched body represents the Beginning, the Alpha; the other side the End, the Omega. The brass arch itself symbolizes the Arch of Heaven, and the two metal bars are the elements. Shaking the rings represents shaking the forces of nature by or through the influence of the Divine Spirit of Life.

Egyptian sacred rattle used to create sacred spaces, for clearing, or as an accompaniment to dancing or chanting. Powerful jingles come from all this metal on metal. This sistrum is quite a bit lighter than the Hathor sistrum at just under a pound. Copper with black/gold resin handle.

Bast Sistrum
Sacred Rattle with Metal Jingles
10.5 inches long / 26.67 cm

Wonderful ringing sound and lovely traditional design.
Lighter weight for longer playing time.