Black Madonna Statue of Rocamadour French Black Madonna Museum Replica

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Black Madonna Statue of Rocamadour French Black Madonna Museum Replica

This Black Madonna protects infants, calms storms at sea, frees captives, and promotes fertility. Her image is much more striking in person: very strong and yet nurturing. The serenity enslaved peoples sought from here is reflected in her closed eyes as well as the infant's seeming to be in meditation.

Metal shackles shed by former prisoners are heaped in gratitude at her feet, and she can be of help whenever you feel enslaved.

This image is housed in the lady chapel of the fantastic French town literally built into the hillside. Rocamadour was known as the site of worship of the triple Goddess Sulevea, Iduenna, and Minerva. Also home of a troup of women archers called Dianas who excluded men but "had relations" with fairies.

The Black Madonnas far preceded Christianity in Europe as evidenced in these French findings. One of the many dolmens, menhirs and druid stones sacred to Sulivea, Goddess of the Alders (thought to be a form of Cybele), stands under this Black Madonna's altar.

Hand painted 8.5 inch / 21.59 cm
Materials: artist's gypsum stone Black Virgin statue


Whoever the enigmatic Black Virgin may be, she holds a powerful attraction for her millions of devotees around the world. Her sacred sites stand on highly charged earth energy centers, enhanced by megalithic ley-lines and sacred architecture.

From ancient times to the present, people have undertaken pilgrimages to her shrines as a way to explore her mysteries and to enable her to do her miraculous work of healing, transformation and inspiration.

France has more than 300 Black Virgin places of worship and over 150 Black Virgin statues still in existence.