Millennial Gaia Statue Warm Bronze Finish Earth Goddess

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Millennial Gaia Statue Warm Faux Bronze Finish Earth Goddess

This beautifully detailed warm faux bronze resin based statue has a velveteen backing on the bottom.

The soft warm tones embellish this statue that comes with an info brochure describing the artist's process and the many creatures found on this Millennial Gaia statue.

Gaia's hair is adorned with animals, insects and others life forms from different earth eras.

Our Millennial Gaia statue is 8 inches in height by 5 inches across and nicely weighted.
A high quality conversation piece of art with something new to see each time you look at her.

Holds up well outdoors but bring inside in extreme weather conditions.

8 inches in height by 5 inches across
weight: about 3 lbs

Designed by Oberon Zell.