Norse/Slavic Gods Goddesses Set Thor, Odin, Freya, Frigga Wood Look

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Norse/Slavic Gods Goddesses Set of Four Statuettes
Thor, Odin, Freya and Frigga Statuette Set in Wood Look Finish

Thor God of Thunder Statuette Figurine #DD-179SWTH
Thor, a Norse God, created thunder by striking his great hammer, Mjolnir. He protects the house of the Gods and humankind, and also hallows (makes sacred) communal spaces and homes.
Measures 4 3/8 inches (11.1 cm) tall and 2 1/8 inches (5.3 cm) wide,
with a depth of 1 1/4 inches (3.1 cm).

Odin the All Father, leader of the Norse Gods. #DD-181SWOD
Measures 4 1/4 inches (10.7 cm) tall and 2 inches (5 cm) wide,
with a depth of 1 1/4 inches (3.1 cm).

Odin governs war, death, poetry, the arts and wisdom. He gave one of his eyes to drink of the well of wisdom. His magical spear is named Gungnir.
The ravens, named Hugin and Munin, are thought and memory. They fly the world during the day returning to tell Odin what they have witnessed.

Freya Statue, Goddess of Love, Fertility, Cats and Seers #DD-182SWFY
Measures 4 inches (10.1 cm) tall and 2 3/8 inches (6 cm) wide,
with a depth of 1 1/2 inches (3.8 cm).
Freya, Norse goddess of love, fertility, cats and seers, is the most beautiful of the Norse gods. Queen of the Vanir and Commander of the Valkyries, she flies using her hawk wing cloak and protects love relationships. Freya possesses a chariot drawn by two cats and has a love of jewelry and ornament. Her most precious possession is the necklace Brisingamen which she won from the dwarves. In ancient times, gold was often referred to as Freya's tears.

Frigga, Goddess of the Hearth and Home #DD-180SWFG
Measures 4 inches (10.1 cm) tall and 2 inches (5 cm) wide,
with a depth of 1 1/4 inches (3.1 cm).
Frigga, Odin’s wife, is the Norse All Mother. She resides in her realm of Fensalir as the Mistress of Home and Family. A true multi-tasker, Frigga excels at maintaining serenity in the midst of the myriad of tasks inherent to motherhood and marriage. She is a member of the Aesir House of the Gods in the Norse Pantheon – which roughly translates to "from the east."

Set of 4 by Paul Borda of Dryad Designs

Materials: Detailed wood carving cast in bonded resin with wood-look finish.
Originates from a hand carved piece and comes with a rustic and old world feel.