Aztec Virgin of Tonantzin Virgin of Guadalupe Statue

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Aztec Virgin of Tonantzin Mother Earth Statue

Dark skinned Virgin of Guadalupe Statue from Tonantzin is the virgin who offers miracles and freedom from enslavement.

In 1531, this Goddess appeared four times to Juan Diego in Mexico. Despite winter cold, flowers miraculously bloomed at her feet. Juan was directed to take them to the local bishop along with her message to desist in his enslavement of the native people.

Her full Aztec name, Tonantzin Tlalli, means "Our Revered Mother Earth."

Millions now worship this enshrined image in the Basilica of Guadalupe, Mexico City.

Dark Skinned Guadalupe
9 inch tall Hand painted statue made by our artisan's cooperative in India of resin plus materials.