Celtic Open Dragon Bracelet

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Celtic Open Dragon Bracelet

This Celtic bracelet is made in the USA of .925 quality stamped sterling silver. Many of our customers wear this dramatic but comfortable dragon bracelet every day.

It's open so it fits the wrist nicely and certainly makes the Celtic statement!

Presented here in Sterling Silver with 8 gauge solid silver wire beginning at approximately 9" circumference.

Since the dawn of humanity the dragon has appeared in the mythology of many cultures. It represents the darkness, the unknown, the power we hold but cannot yet wield.

The dragon represents change, the necessity that we not only adapt to circumstance but that we ourselves become its active agent. It represents the passage from innocence through experience to wisdom and understanding. And ultimately the dragon is the symbol of the process of enlightenment, the channeling of the serpent power towards the great illumination.

 Made in USA.

We can make this bracelet larger than usual. Just ask!