Egyptian Lioness Goddess Statue Sekmet

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Goddess Statue of the Egyptian Lioness Goddess Sekmet

Sekmet Lioness Goddess Statue is enthroned and regal in this work of art. This statue of the Lioness Goddess of Egypt, shows her in regal form and enthroned. Sekmet is also known as The Mighty One, and Her breath was considered the wind in the desert..

Egyptian royalty and artistic flair come together to create a stunning large and heavy statue that's super high quality and a sight to behold. She, in all Her Glory upon an ancient Egyptian throne. Hand finished bronze finished resin statue.

10.75 inches high / (27.30 cm)
Base: 5 1/8 x 5 1/8 inches  (13 cm x 13 cm)
Heavy at almost 5 pounds