Ixchel Statue Mayan Goddess of Fertility and Childbirth

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Ixchel Statue Mayan Goddess of Fertility and Childbirth

Ixchel statue. Mayan peoples of highland Guatemala honor Ixchel as the protector of women during childbirth. In this Mayan Goddess statue she is shown in her moon-maiden aspect with a fecund rabbit companion, an ancient and modern symbol of fertility.

[National Geographic Society, c. 800 CE]

8 inch high (20.32 cm)  brown/gray colored gypsum stone statue; hand finished by our artisan's cooperative in India.

Ixchel is the world-weaver, Mayan Goddess of childbirth and healing. In this statue she sits entranced, accompanied by her companion the nest-weaver bird, dreaming out the warp and weft of the Great Fabric of Life upon her back strap loom.

Ixchel was worshipped throughout the Mayan Yucatan as the Life-Giving Queen.

The rite of passage into womanhood required fashioning such a clay statue of Ixchel, traveling to the sacred Isle of Women (Isla Mujeres) and performing a ritualistic breaking of the image in her temple there. Ixchel can be compared to Spider Woman, the Creatrix worshiped widely by North American native peoples.

[Museo Nacional, Mexico City, 8th cent. CE]