Astarte Syrian Goddess or Venus Astarte Banner Tapestry Wall Hanging by Rossetti

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Astarte, Syrian Goddess Banner Tapestry Wall Hanging 

1875 -Dante Gabriel Rossetti Oil Painting

Astarte Syriaca, Alternately titled: Venus Astarte

Painted in 1877, Astarte Syriaca is a sensual and elaborate Pre-Raphaelite portrait of the goddess Venus. It belongs to the latter part of Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s career. The model was Jane Morris, wife of William Morris.

One of the grandest and most elaborate portraits of Jane Morris created during the latter part of Rosetti's career, Astarte Syriaca, epitomizes the ideal of the voluptuous, sensual woman -- the muse. Indicative of the nature of his relationship with Jane Morris, Rosetti's treatment of color and feminine subject matter allocates a sense of melancholy within the work, a sentiment that consequently divulges his own tragic love for Jane, the second great muse of his life.

Rosetti renders Jane as Venus Astarte in the painting. Depicted as an icon of desire and sensual perfection, Venus's direct gaze, bare shoulder, and strong stance reveal the strength of her own sexuality. Behind her torch-bearing attendants, a crescent moon shines in symbolic representation of her relation to the cosmos and the divine immortality of her womanly beauty.

High quality banner that feels like heavy silky lined fabric. Hemmed edges.

100% polyester, eco-friendly inks made in USA.
Water resistant, UV resistant, and strong color fastness. Usually lasts more than 1 year outdoors depending on local environmental conditions.
Digitally printed with dye sublimation and heat transfer.

35 inches by 36.5 inches (88.9 cm x 92.71cm)
1.5 to 2.5 inch sewn rod pocket for hanging, included in measurements.

Will take up to a 1 1/4 inch (32 mm or 3.18 cm) diameter rod.
Most standard flag poles are 1 inch in diameter.
U.S.A. Artisan