Double Venus Pendant Lesbian LGBTQ Jewelry in Jeweler's Bronze

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Double Venus Pendant Lesbian LGBTQ Jewelry

Gay Pride Women's Double Venus Symbol Pendant
in perfectly polished jeweler's bronze (some photos in sterling silver to show size)

.75 inches x .75 inches or 1.9cm x 1.9 cm

Beautifully crafted high quality pendant.

The Venus gender symbol denotes the female sex. Derived from astrological symbols denoting the classical planets Mars (male) and Venus, (female), these symbols have been in use since the Renaissance. This symbol also means elements in alchemy, specifically the metal copper.

Another more ancient interpretation of the gender symbols of Mars and Venus names them as the spear for men and the distaff for women. A distaff (pronounced dih'-staf) is a weighted spinning tool on a string used for creating threads and yarns.