White Buffalo Woman Native Lakota Symbolism Pendant

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White Buffalo Woman Native Lakota Symbolism Pendant

Buffalo woman jewelry. Adorned with the headdress of blessing and honor White Buffalo Woman raises her arms to the heavens in thanksgiving. She rides across the sky with a medicine shield depicting the four directions. She offers the sacred pipe and represents peace and prosperity.

Shown here with a 6mm Turquoise cabochon and also a Rose Quartz cabochon, 1.25 inches tall.

Symbolism and Meaning of White Buffalo Woman Gratitude Dancer

White Buffalo Woman is eloquent, implying not only a gladness at having received but more importantly, an openness, a potential, a willingness to receive and to keep on receiving. Embodied within the gesture as well is a "giving back," a willingness to return spirit for spirit, matter for matter, energy for energy. The design is drawn on the Lakota figure of White Buffalo Woman.

Top quality .925 stamped sterling silver pendant with custom stone is 1 inch tall with 6mm gemstone.

Allow 10 days for delivery of this custom jewelry piece.
Customized jewelry is non-returnable. Made in the USA.

This native maiden lifts her hands to the heavens calling on the Great Spirit.

1.25 inches. Sterling Silver. -add a chain for $5.00-

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