Thor Mjolnir Hammer Pendant: Great Protective Deity Pendant BZ

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Thor Mjolnir Hammer Pendant: Great Protective Deity Pendant

Thor as a powerful protector, wielding his great hammer and riding a chariot drawn by goats are all elements that can be traced back through the archeological record. Many of the clues that point to the origin of this great God can be found in the ancient petroglyphs still preserved today in Scandinavia.

Most notable are the multitude of stone carvings known as the Tanum petroglyphs near Tanumshede, Bohuslan in Sweden.

This hammer is an original design by Paul Borda that is greatly influenced by these ancient carvings and is meant to show that the presence of Thor did not just exist in the Viking age, but is truly ancient and has been with us for all time.

Made of top quality Jeweler's Bronze, this pendant is larger, measuring two inches tall by almost 1 inch wide. Beautifully powerful and distinctive for anyone who resonates with protection!

An original design by artist Paul Borda of Dryad Design
Single sided with concealed bale
Measures 1 1/2 inches (3.8 cm) tall and 1 1/4 inches (3.1 cm) wide
Concealed bale accommodates chains up to 4 mm in thickness