Celtic Goddess Danu Statue Flowing Mother of Abundance

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Celtic Goddess Danu Statue: Flowing Mother of Abundance

Bronze color resin statue.
9.25 inches high / 23.49 cm
4.75 inches across bottom / 12.06 cm
4 inches deep / 10.16 cm
Heavy and substantially weighted warm brown faux bronze statue.

In this depiction by artist Maxine Miller, Danu holds a vessel from which swirling waters pour. A healthy fish leaps up from the waters detailed on her cape, as well as a frog from the other side of her long sleeved cloak.

The back of her cape is carved in rich detail with trees, streams and nature adorning her garment, as well as a triple moon insignia at the center back. The ornate costume she wears includes many Celtic knots and intricate designs. Her delicate foot steps between lotus blossoms into the waters. Her throat center is adorned with a sunshine ornament and she wears a braided circlet on her crown.