Hindu Lord Ganesh Ganesha Big Ears All Metal Brass Statue Hand crafted

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Hindu Lord Ganesh Ganesha All Metal Brass Statue

This is a full metal, hand pounded, hand antiqued and polished brass statue. Substantially weighted at almost 4 pounds. Impressive workmanship.
Made by our artisan's cooperative in India.

Full Metal Hand Polished and Hand Pounded Brass
Elephant God Statue

6 inches tall x 7 inches widest point x 3.25 inches deep
15.24 cm x 17.78 cm x 8.25 cm

With the possible exceptions of Jesus and Buddha, no other Divinity is more widely worshiped than gentle Ganesh. Not only is he the bringer of happiness and prosperity, and the remover of obstacles, but great-bodied Ganesh is also the God of Scholarship. He can be found indulging in the pleasure of a book, offering his blessing to all who delight in written knowledge, or delighting in the playing of music.