Wheel of Fortune Large Tarot Pendant

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Wheel of Fortune Large Tarot Pendant

The Wheel of  Fortune large tarot pendant symbolizes a turning point, opportunities and possibilities represented in this heavier top quality silver ingot style pendant with custom stone that you select. Made in the USA.

Symbolism of the Wheel of Fortune Tarot: Turning Point, Opportunities, Possibilities

In the midst of sky and clouds is the disk of Tarot with the letters of the Divine Name placed between. The disk is in movement signifying constant change and transformation. The sphinx atop the wheel holds the sword of discernment and represents balance in the midst of unending fluidity.

The Wheel of Fortune shows a wheel floating in the sky inscribed with the letters TARO and alchemical symbols representing the elements underlying the four suits of the tarot, Fire (Wands), Water (Cups), Earth (Discs) and Air (Swords). This recalls the emblems of the four suits of the tarot actually laying on the table of The Magician.

This card represents a change in station. Rich becomes poor, and poor become rich. Sudden reversal of fortune.

Winged creatures are in the four corners of the card, a man, an eagle, a bull, and a lion, each with an open book. Depending on the tradition, they represent the four seasons, the four gospels, the four fixed signs of the zodiac, and the four angels of the apocalypse.

Large sterling silver ingot pendant with stone.1.5 inches tall. 

Allow 10 days for delivery of this custom jewelry piece.
Customized jewelry is non-returnable.

10 grams or approximately 1/3 oz. of .925 quality stamped sterling silver.