Blind Justice Goddess of Law 15 inch Statue

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Blind Justice Goddess of Law Statue

Lady Justice statue shows the Roman Goddess Justicia as a personification of the morality that underlies the legal system.

Since the Renaissance, Justitia has frequently been depicted as a bare-breasted woman carrying a sword and scales, and sometimes wearing a blindfold. The symbolism of the blindfold is that justice is expected to be meted out equally to all who seek her fair decision making.

Her modern iconography offers the attributes of several goddesses who embodied Right Rule for Greeks and Romans, blending Roman blindfolded Fortuna with Hellenistic Greek Tyche.

in Faux Bronze Hand Finished Resin

15 inches high x 4.5 inches x 3.75 inches

Large and exquisitely detailed blind justice statue with scales as an accessory, stands a full 15 inches high. Regal and substantial.