Kali Miniature Statuette Hand Painted 4 inch high colorful Mini

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Kali Hand Painted Miniature Statuette

Hand painted sacred Ganges Clay and resin materials, each little statue is a one of a kind creation. 

This intricately detailed and hand painted statue is a real work of close-up art and exquisitely rendered down to the golden nose ring multi-armed Kali sports. Fully worth the price for this carefully crafted, stand alone piece just a bit bigger than the palm of your hand. Quality for small spaces where you need a little fierceness or to protect an entryway.

The Goddess at the time of her enlightenment when she steps on the Lord Shiva. This mini is super detailed and top quality  We're proud to sell this work of art made by out artisans in India.


Weight: 3 oz.
4 inches high / 10.16cm
Delicately Hand Painted

Material: Ganges River Clay and Resin