Apollo and Diana on Chariot Statue of Loving Siblings

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Apollo and Diana on Chariot Statue of Loving Siblings

This Roman Apollo and Diana statue shows these fraternal twins: one boy one girl, who were said to have been born at same time in Roman tradition.  Diana was known as Artemis in the Greek tradition, and was born before Apollo and then served as her mother's midwife.

Zeus and Leto were their parents. They were born on the island of Delos.

Diana and Apollo were said to have a good sibling relationship.

Diana's correct Greek name is Artemis. Diana is her Roman name.

Artemis, goddess of the hunt, the moon, virginity, the wild, and animals, also took on the role of protector of virgins (whom many of her followers were).

She is known as The Lady of Wild Things, The Huntress, The Mistress of Animals, and The Lady of the Wild.

Apollo, god of the sun, drove his chariot across the sky every morning pulling the sun up into the sky, here with his sister by his side. Apollo was also a god of the arts, such as music and dance, medicine and prophecies.
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Ships in 15 x 14 x 12 inch box / Please allow 2 weeks for delivery
Measures: 11.5 inches wide (long) 29.21cm
7.75 inches high to the top of the hair of Apollo) (19.68cm)
8.5 inches deep at the horses (21.59cm)
4.5 inches deep or wide at back of chariot (11.43cm)
Large Heavy Hand finished warm brown Faux Bronze materials

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