Aradia Statue Queen of Witches Pagan Statue Wood Look Finish

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Aradia Statue Queen of Witches Pagan Statue

Queen of Witches Aradia Statue
Size: 14"h x 8"w x 3 1/2"d / 35.36 cm x 20.32 cm x 8.8 cm
Hand finished wood look statue.
Comes with hanger on the back so you can also hang this on the wall.

Strong, lovely and charismatic, Aradia is the daughter of moon goddess Diana. She is a timeless spiritual entity, embodying Kore in her power, Aphrodite in her beauty, and Diana in her courage and love of wild places.

Aradia, "Queen of the Witches," is believed to have been a real high-born woman who taught witchcraft to oppressed people in Italy, despite persecution. Legend tells us she was the daughter of the Goddess Diana, sent to care for her worshippers. Here Aradia calls on Diana to bless and inspire her teachings as she stands at the crossroads by the pillar of Hecate. Cimaruta symbols surround and support her. The inscription reads, "Listen to my teaching in the voice of the wind."

She was sent to Earth as prophetess of the religion of witchcraft, with the mission of protecting women from the oppressions of feudalism. With her broomstave of power, her cloak of mystery, and her knowledge of every plant, Aradia taught women how to invoke the full moon at midnight, sprinkling salt from a red bag while asking favors of the Goddess.