Baby Mermaid in Shell with Pearl Statue

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Baby Mermaid in Shell with Pearl Statue

Mermaid statue: A baby mermaid sleeps peacefully in a giant clam shell, clutching the pearl to herself. A symbol of metamorphosis and changing from grain of sand to pearl as we move through life evolving.

Atargatis: Goddess of Useful Appliances

Syrian Atargatis Mermaid Goddess is the Ruler of the Seven Seas
The Romans called her Dea Syria: "The great mistress of the North Syrian lands"

Syrian Mermaid Goddess of the early 3rd century, with a great temple at Hierapolis, Atargatis was a protector of community . The water surrounding her typifies the protection of water in producing life, as in the water sack that surrounds the developing fetus.

4 inches high x 4 inches wide (10.6cm)