Birthmates Motherhood Midwives Birthing Pendant

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Birthmates Motherhood Midwives Birthing Pendant

This sculpted motherhood jewelry represents the sacred moment of birth and the loving relationship between mother and helper.

Art-to-Wear in three dimensions, this is the perfect gift for an expectant mother to remind her that your love is always behind her, supporting her.

Also wonderful for a midwife or doula, those who have devoted their lives to the support and love of women on their journey into motherhood.

Symbolism of the Birthmates Pendant

This amulet represents a woman bringing new life into this world and the love and support that she needs during this sacred time. The two figures are bonded in hard work, love, and joy, surrounded by the life, strength and power that accompany the entry of a new life into the physical world.

Sterling silver pendant with stone .75 inches tall that is .925 quality stamped sterling silver.

Made in USA.  Please allow 10 days for us to custom make your pendant and send it to you.
Custom jewelry is non-refundable.  Chain not included.