Black Madonna Statue of Cleremont-Ferrand

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Black Madonna Statue of Cleremont-Ferrand

French Black Madonna Statue

The Lost Madonna

Motherly love, mercy and boundless concern for her children are the hallmarks of this Black Virgin. She blesses the infertile with children and heals unhappy marriages. In the Middle Ages, she was highly celebrated with her own pilgrimage and festival in her town of Cleremont-Ferrand in central France.

Re-discovered during cathedral renovations in 1974, this Black Madonna was sealed up in the walls, hidden away and protected from some long forgotten danger. She is in symbol and in fact an example of reclaiming the Sacred Feminine.

Her jet black darkness was widely assumed to be due to her middle eastern blood.

"The Bride is black, swarthy from her labors in her brothers' vineyards"
-- Song of Solomon.

The Black Madonna images in European pilgrimage shrines are a matter of some controversy. Throughout Europe there are over 500 examples of these black images (most in France and Italy) and, while anathema to the orthodox church, they are widely venerated as having esoteric, magical and wonder-working powers.

8.75 inches high
Hand painted sacred Ganges Clay and resin statue; each one is unique.


Whoever the enigmatic Black Virgin may be, she holds a powerful attraction for her millions of devotees around the world. Her sacred sites stand on highly charged earth energy centers, enhanced by megalithic ley-lines and sacred architecture.

From ancient times to the present, people have undertaken pilgrimages to her shrines as a way to explore her mysteries and to enable her to do her miraculous work of healing, transformation and inspiration.

France has more than 300 Black Virgin places of worship and over 150 Black Virgin statues still in existence.