Black Madonna Statue of Einseideln Switzerland Swiss Museum Replica

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Black Madonna Statue of Einseideln (Switzerland)

The precious baby tenderly holds a small dove.

Our Lady of the Dark Forest's chapel stands before a sacred dragon fountain from the Teutonic Pagan past and is a favored location for horse breeding.

St. Meinrad's murderers were pointed out by two ravens (ascribed to the god Wotan) and the saint's skull is kept in a golden casket beneath the Virgin's statue. The Swiss psychologist, C.G. Jung in his writings, has equated this Black Madonna with the Egyptian goddess Isis.

During her September 14th festivals, This Black Virgin is often the best dressed Madonna in the world due to the sumptuous robes and mantel created for her.

9 inches high / 22.86 cm
Hand painted resin statue. Each statue is a bit different.

Monks sing "Salve Regina" every day in her honor.

The Madonna and child have been revered since the earliest times. Isis and Her son Horus, Mary and Her son Jesus, Demeter and Her daughter Kore, have all attracted a devout following. Long before Isis, and long before Mary or Demeter, the human psyche fashioned Madonna and child icons and placed them in sacred shrines.

This famous statue of the Madonna of Einseideln is also called the Black Madonna of Hermits (Einseideln means hermit) and is located in the national shrine of Switzerland. There is also a copy at St. Meinrad's Monastery in Indiana, USA.

The Black Madonna images in European pilgrimage shrines are a matter of some controversy. Throughout Europe there are over 500 examples of these black images and, while anathema to the orthodox church, they are widely venerated as having esoteric, magical and wonder-working powers.


Some call them "the other Mary".  Many consider her to be the iconic remains of prehistoric Mother Earth worship. She is linked with Cybele/Demeter, Diana/Artemis, Isis/Horus, Venus/Aphrodite,  Kali, Inanna and Lilith.

Historically she has ties to the Crusades and the Moorish occupation of Spain, to the Conquistadors, who brought her to the New World, to the Merovingians and to the Knight Templars.

Jung and other modern psychologists says she expresses the archetype of the Dark Feminine representing our individual subconscious in which all the experiences, qualities and distortions of past incarnations are kept, engrained and hidden.

The feminine principle follows the guidance of the Sacred Inner Voice.