Black Spiral Goddess 8 inch Statue Mother of the Intuition

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Black Spiral Goddess 8 inch Statue Mother of the Intuition

The Goddess who keeps light and dark in balance.
As surely as night follows day and as surely as the seasons turn, each life spirals through its seasons of darkness, contemplation, going within and deep consideration.

Wise Black Spiral Goddess reminds us that our dark, quiet, barren periods are meant to be times of reflection, introspection and deep spiritual growth.

As the seed rests in the dark earth before sprouting into the warm sunshine and quenching rains, so must we pass through the cave of the crone on our path to the joyful dawning of new enlightenment.

Black Spiral Goddess of Mysteries

With her arms raised in celebration, this dark Goddess calls in the moon, the trees, the stars and all of nature. A delicate miniature statue, hand finished with ash colored antiquing, this Black Goddess represents the creative powers of the Divine Feminine, and the never ending circle of creation emanating from her solar plexus. In her darker aspect, she reminds us of the value of silence, reflection and going within, inspiring any sacred space.

With a spiral on one side and tree Goddess on the other, this Spiral Goddess miniature statue can be displayed from either side.
Size: 8 inches tall
Material: hand antiqued black resin and Ganges Clay statue
Weight (lbs): 1 lb