Black Spiral Lord and White Goddess Miniature Statuette Set of 2

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Black Spiral Lord and White Spiral Goddess Miniature Statuette Set of 2
Very detailed with Tree of Life on one Side and Spiral on the Other, this hand crafted Black

 miniature Spiral Lord and White Miniature Spiral Lady show these nature deities with a  creative side and a tree side indicating resonance with all things in nature.

Black Spiral Lord: 

Charcoal Black hand finished resin and Ganges Clay statue
Made by our Artisans cooperative in India

3.5 inches high

The Spiral Lord creates from the heart while being fully grounded in the earth plane. He raises his arms to heaven in a gesture of embracing the Universal Light.
This potent deity opens the hearts of men to the inner wellspring of their true emotions. Many men have been separated too long from their feelings, from the powers of nurturance and healing they each possess.

The God who keeps light and dark in balance.
As surely as night follows day and as surely as the seasons turn, each life spirals through its seasons of darkness, contemplation, going within and deep consideration.

Wise Black Spiral Lord reminds us that our dark, quiet, barren periods are meant to be times of reflection, introspection and deep spiritual growth.

As the seed rests in the dark earth before sprouting into the warm sunshine and quenching rains, so must we pass through the cave of the crone on our path to the joyful dawning of new enlightenment.

3 1/2 inches tall approx. hand finished and antiqued resin statuette, charcoal antique stone finish.

White Spiral Goddess

With a spiral on one side and a tree with moon on the other, this delicate Goddess represents the creative powers of the Divine Feminine, and the never ending circle of creation emanating from her solar plexus.

3 1/2 inches tall approx. hand finished and antiqued resin statuette, white antique stone finish.