Buddhist Dakini Goddess Figurine Sky Dancer Statue

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Buddhist Dakini Goddess Figurine Sky Dancer Statue

She leads us through life's turning points. Dakini is the supreme embodiment of highest wisdom and the most potent manifestation of feminine divinity in Tibetan Buddhism.

Dakini in Sanskrit means Sky Dancer, with sky connoting creativity and potentiality. This Tibetan Buddhism Dakini statue represents the instigator who pushes the aspirant toward enlightenment.

Dakini appears wrathful with skulls of those she has slain around her neck, but the wrath is aimed at her/our own states of anger, greed and delusion. She seeks to cut out and transform these negative traits and great determination is needed.

Violence is no stranger to Christian icons as seen with St. Michael and the devil, St. George and the dragon, crucifixion etc.

Buddhist  Dakini severs the heads of beings who are none other than her own demons. Hers is not a glorification of anger and violence but a transformation of it.

Red-Bronze Ganges Clay and resin Statue
7 inches high