Celtic Goddess Brigid at the Well Statue

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Wood Finish Brigid Brigit at the Well Statue

11 inches high.

Wood-look Brigid statue is a contemporary image by artist Maxine Miller. The crowned saint is shown here with a shorn lamb and one full of wool, as she casts her triple wand pointed at a triskelle-adorned well below her.

Brigid, one of the most popular Celtic Goddesses is a vast deity and can assist her devotees with nearly any endeavor. She is depicted here at the well.

This Goddess' triple aspects include

-Midwife - healer/nurturer/herbalist

-Blacksmith - keeper of fire/craftswoman/transformer and

-Poetess - bringer of wisdom/guidance/prophecy.

The three who-are-one stand on a large pond-like base, cloaked in a magnificent shroud, her magical cape.

Symbols of her worship are hidden throughout the piece.