Celtic Goddess Brigit Brigid Candle Holder Statue

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Celtic Goddess Brigit or Brigid Candle Holder Statue

Celtic Goddess Brigid in the form of a lovely young Gaelic woman in Celtic garb gazing confidently into the living flame cupped in her hand.

Symbols of her mastery surround her: broom for cleansing and magic; cradle for childbirth and childcare; pail of well water for flowing waters; anvil, hammer and tongs for smith work; and scroll with quill pen for poetry and history.

Behind her, a hearth designed to hold 2 candles will bathe her in a golden glow.

By artist Mickie Mueller.

7 inch high resin statue in lovely red clay / wood color finish
Base: 6 inches in diameter  Made by our artisan's cooperative in India.

(We recommend using votive holders for ease of cleaning, or battery tea lights for fire safety.)