Celtic Goddess Freya Pendant Bronze with Amethyst Stone

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Freya Pendant Norse Mythology Jewelry

Polished Jeweler's Bronze with Amethyst Stone

Freya is flanked by her cats, Beegold and Treegold, and is shown here as a Goddess with a magic cloak of wings.

Celtic knotwork collar design.

Freya, Norse Goddess of Love, Fertility, Cats and Seeresses, is the most beautiful of the Norse Goddesses.

Queen of the Vanir and Commander of the Valkyries, she flies using her hawk winged cloak and protects love and relationships.

Freya's chariot is drawn by two giant cats and she has a love of jewelry and ornamentation.

Her most precious possession is the necklace Brisingamen which she won from the dwarves. In ancient times, gold was often referred to as Freya's tears.

This Dryad Design jewelry piece measures 2 1/2 inches high x 1 3/8 inches wide. Chain not included.