Christian Saint Bernadette Soubirous Statue

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Christian Saint Bernadette Soubirous Statue

Patron of illness, people ridiculed for their piety, poverty, shepherds, & shepherdesses, Saint Bernadette Soubirous was the firstborn daughter of a miller from Lourdes, France, and is venerated as a saint in the Catholic Church. Bernadette was the daughter of François Soubirous, a miller, and Louise (née Casteròt), a laundress. She was the eldest of nine children. Bernadette was baptized at the local parish church and her family lived in extreme poverty. Bernadette contracted cholera as a toddler and suffered severe asthma for the rest of her life.

Her series of daily visions embarrassed her family but she persevered and was eventually believed she saw the Virgin Mary. She described the lady as wearing a white veil, a blue girdle and with a yellow rose on each foot — compatible with
"a description of any statue of the Virgin in a village church."

Bernadette's story caused a sensation with the townspeople, who were divided in their opinions on whether or not Bernadette was telling the truth. Some believed her to have a mental illness and demanded she be put in an asylum.

-from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Feastday: April 16
Birth: January 7, 1844
Death: April 16, 1879
Beatified By: 1925
Canonized By: by Pope Pius XI on December 1933

6.75 inches high / 17.14 cm high
Base: 3.5 x 3.75 inches / 8.89 cm x 9.5 cm
in hand finished faux Bronze