Christian St Saint Joseph with Jesus Statue

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Saint Joseph with Jesus Statue

This is a tender Saint Joseph statue shows the carpenter with his young son Jesus which depicts a father's love for his offspring. Clothed in soft robes and holding the baby, this father holds his son up to the light.

Joseph is a figure in the Gospels, the husband of Mary (the mother of Jesus) and the guardian of Jesus.

In Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Anglican Christian traditions, he is regarded as Saint Joseph. Christian tradition represents Mary as a widow during the adult ministry of her son.

The gospels describe Joseph as a "tekton;" traditionally the word has been taken to mean "carpenter," though the Greek term evokes an artisan with wood in general, or an artisan in iron or stone. Very little other information on Joseph is given in the gospels.

He is never quoted.

8.25 in. high / 20.95 cm high
Warm Faux Bronze Resin Hand finished and shined to perfection