English Dragon Green Curtain or Wall Hanging Home Decor

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English Dragon Green Curtain or Wall Hanging Home Decor

The dragon is a symbol of power, good fortune and the eastern direction. This huge snake-like monster represents the Emperor in some cultures. Here, the winged dragon shows off it's spectacular flying apparatus in lovely, rich colors.

Blue 100% Hand loomed Cotton Curtain
44-46 inches by 84-88 inches (1.11 - 1.16 meters by 2.13-2.23 meters)
3-4 inch hanging loops (7.6 cm - 10.16cm)

All cotton curtain with sewn hanging loops in bright tie dye colors. Each one is unique. This curtain may also be hung from your wall as a banner or backdrop behind your Altar. Length may vary slightly, because each piece is handmade. Embellishments around the edges of the curtain dress it up.