Goddess Lakshmi Laxmi Miniature Statue

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Goddess Lakshmi Laxmi Miniature Statue Seated on Lotus

This Laxmi statue is delicately painted with vivid detail. The Goddess of Prosperity and plenty Lakshmi holds the lotus flowers, sits on a lotus and gold coins shower from her hands. The fully opened lotus is a symbol of the attainment of enlightenment.

Sri Lakshmi, Hindu Goddess of Prosperity and Good Fortune

Depicted holding or seated upon the lotus, symbol of spiritual purity, fertility and vegetative growth, the Goddess Sri Laxmi is venerated, like Ganesh, for her auspicious nature. She carries a coffer, and gold coins shower from her hand.

She represents the supreme divine principle which pervades all creation with vitality and consciousness.

Actively venerated by nearly 1 billion Hindus, Laxshmi is the modern face of the ancient Great Mother Goddess; stalks of grain surrounding her head connote a rich harvest.

2.5 inch statuette of Hand Painted sacred Ganges Clay and resin, made by our artisan's cooperative in India.