Earth Mother Peace Goddess Statue with Green Man

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Earth Mother Peace Goddess Statue with Green Man

This beautifully classic Goddess holds the Green Man or Earth in her arms as she contemplates the healing of the planet.

Our vision is for a world where war and killing is an ancient memory. Seeking peace and harmony in all we do, whether it be walking lightly on our mother planet, or working out a problem within our families, devotion to a presence higher than ourselves inspires us to dream big dreams of tranquility.

Our artisans felt compelled, by the troubling nature of our times, to create this moving contemporary Goddess. A classical form goddess cradles the green man / earth in her arms. She weeps for war, suffering, famine, disease, religious intolerance, and harm to the environment. She tenderly embraces the earth with love for all of creation. Where there is love there is hope.

Made of sacred Ganges River Clay and resin that is hand made by our artisan's cooperative in India so please allow for slight variations.

9 inches high - rose wash finish