Egyptian Bastet Cat Goddess Statue with Bronze Finish Detail

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Egyptian Bastet Cat Goddess Statue with Colored Scarab Necklace

8 inches tall / 20.32 cm tall

A really nice price for this top quality art piece that you'll be proud to display.

Hand finished faux bronze resin in an 8 inch tall statue. Substantially sized and weighted, this statue is a good medium sized display piece that's an eye catcher. Put her amid the plants in an indoor space or as an altar piece.

Egyptian Bastet with Colored Scarab Necklace Statue

This Spirit helper is resourceful, strong and fearless. Cats represent magic, courage and confidence, and encourage agility of the body and mind.

The Ancient Egyptians revered cats, which were mummified and even buried in great tombs with their owners.

Bast is the Goddess of cats, the rising sun, the moon, truth, enlightenment, sexuality, physical pleasures, fertility, plenty, protector of the home, civilization, the arts, the Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess.

Cats could be observed skillfully hunting and catching snakes, which had special relevance for the Egyptians since the snake was the symbol of Apophis, the demonic enemy of the sun god Ra.

Originally a lion goddess, after 1000 B.C. as her cult developed, she became more associated with the cat and was considered to be the counterpart of the lion goddess Sekhmet.