Egyptian Hippo Goddess Taweret Miniature Statuette

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Egyptian Hippo Goddess Taweret Miniature Statuette

The hippopotamus (no longer found in Egypt) was a danger to boats on the river Nile, and to people working on or near the river banks. These animals were represented by the goddess Tauret or Taweret, and offerings were made to her in the hope of placating her. She was also a goddess of fertility, represented as a pregnant hippopotamus.

Many models of hippopotami were made of blue Egyptian faience, their bodies decorated with representations of the river plants that grew where the animals lived.
As a Moon Goddess, She was protectress of pregnant women and midwives. Her main cult centre was at Dendera, where she was worshipped along with her husband, Horus. Hathor was the Supreme Goddess of sexual love in Egypt, identified by the Greeks with Aphrodite. Her temple at Dendera was "The House of Intoxication and Enjoyment."

L: 2.5" x W: 1.75" x H: 2"

Hand finished Resin miniature statuette in faience blue with symbols of the Nile on her body.