Egyptian Hippo Statuette Goddess Taweret or Taueret

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Egyptian Hippo Statuette Goddess Taweret or Taueret


Very well made and stunning piece of tiny art, the gold leaf work really sets this hippo off with symbols on her face and sides.

Heavy hand finished gold leaf over poly resin makes this a quality statuette that will last.

Size: H: 3.25'' x W: 2.5'' x L: 6''
8.25cm x 6.35cm x 15.24cm

Material: gold-leaf over polyresin
Weight (lbs):  .79 lbs

The lotuses painted on the back and sides of the hippo symbolize creation and rebirth, as well as representing its habitat.

The ancient Egyptian saw the male hippo as the embodiment of all that was dangerous and wild. These figurines are usually found in tombs, their legs deliberately broken to magically render the animal powerless.

In contrast, they also revered  hippo Goddess Taweret, as a goddess of maternity and a protector or women in childbirth.