Egyptian Lion Miniature Guardian of the Temple

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Egyptian Lion Miniature

A roaring mini lion that's the color of lapis with flecks of gold and green. Very pretty color for this slightly larger mini.

 Many of the ancient Egyptian god and goddesses were given lion attributes and were characterized in carvings and statues.

Lions usually lived on the edges of the desert, so they became known as the guardians where the sun rose and set. As the lion is associated with the sun, most of these gods have connections with Ra, the sun god.

Bastest (or Bast) is often depicted with the head of a lion as a symbol of her royal prowess. Maahes was the lion-god of war and protection. In death he protected the innocent but condemned the guilty. Sekhmet is represented as a lion-headed woman. Her name means “powerful one”. Lions were bred in temples dedicated to the gods, typically enjoying their own areas in which to roam.

Lapis Colored Resin
L: 4" x H: 3"  (10.1cm x 7.62cm)