Egyptian Mother Hathor Sistrum Sacred Musical Rattle

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Egyptian Mother Goddess Hathor Sistrum Sacred Musical Rattle

Makes a tinkling sound a little higher than you might expect from a substantial rattle like this, but it's due to the brass disc jingles and brass slider bars the jingles move back and forth on.

This is a well-made Goddess rattle that will last a lifetime.

12.75 inch (32.38 cm) Blue Resin with Brass Jingles
Heavy and High Quality.

This authentically recreated Goddess rattle is a replica of those shaken by the Hathor Priestesses with the image of the Goddess front and center. Two-sided.

Egyptian sacred rattle used to create sacred spaces, for clearing, or as an accompaniment to dancing or chanting. Powerful jingles inside the clay and resin casing create a resonnant sound.

1.5 pounds or .68 kg