Extra Large Hindu Goddess Kali Statue 15 inches high

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Extra Large Hindu Goddess Kali Statue

Large Kali Statue is exquisitely hand painted with every symbolic detail of this Goddess who offers transformation through fierce determination and bumps in the road. She has a nose ring too, along with a necklace of skulls.

Kali's colors are a bit more orange due to the flash of the camera, but Her true colors are closer to the red image. However, as with all of our hand painted artworks, each one is lovingly created a little differently by the artist in exquisite detail.

A favorite large, detailed statue here.

Made by our artisan's cooperative in India.
15 inch high Hand painted and made of sacred Ganges Clay and resin 
(38.1 cm)
Base: 5 inches wide (12.7cm) 3.75 inches deep (9.52cm)
7 inches wide at arms (17.78 cm)